Animal Welfare Minister and Shadow Minister Launch the Kennel Club’s ‘A Dog’s Life’ Manifesto

The Kennel Club launched its first political manifesto ahead of next year's General Election at our annual Discover Dogs exhibition, with the Animal Welfare Minister, Lord de Mauley, and Shadow Minister for Animal Welfare, Angela Smith MP.

The 'A Dog's Life' manifesto, which focuses on all aspects of a dog's life, from how a dog is bred and is acquired, to how a dog is trained and how it lives its day to day life, aims to guide the future government on what can be done to protect and promote dog health and welfare.

Some of the key recommendations raised in the manifesto include: 
  • Breeding - Review legislation on dog breeding to make the principles of the Assured Breeder Scheme mandatory and ensure it enshrines the principles of the Animal Welfare Act.
  • Acquisition - Prohibit the sale of puppies in pet shops and promote responsible buying of dogs from breeders breeding to the standard of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme.
  • Training - Prohibit the sale and use of electronic shock collars and adopt the Kennel Club Accredited Instructor requirements as an industry based standard for all dog trainers and behaviourists.
  • Responsible Ownership - Update, consolidate and replace existing legislation on dog control with preventative legislation and measures based on the principle of 'deed not breed'.
  • Routines in Everyday Living - Record information relating to the Public Spaces Protection Orders from local authorities and require them to engage with local dog owners when introducing orders relating to dog walking.
  • Free from Animal Testing - Review the use of dogs as a second species for toxicity testing in human drug development in light of new research on the lack of usefulness of this practice.
The manifesto has been positively received by other dog welfare organisations and the media. To view media coverage on the manifesto, please read the following articles on:
To read the full manifesto, please visit:'s-life-manifesto/



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