Puppy care and how to train puppy to toilet

Puppies are susceptible to all kinds of infections, so try to keep the place of your pet clean. It is better to wrap the puppy’s mat in a clean removable pillowcase.

Floors should be washed at least once in every 2 days, and you need to process the rugs with antibacterial substances.

If the puppy has not yet passed the vaccination, keep off wearing street shoes inside the apartment; better put them into inaccessible place.

In case your puppy soiled itself at defecation, rinse it gently with warm water and wipe with a clean cloth. Grease the inflammation around the rectal orifice with Indomethacinum or Synthomycin ointment, or dust it with baby powder.

You should carry out daily cleaning of your pet by comb, starting from its head, and then continue to clean its neck, trunk, limbs and tail.

It is undesirable to wash puppies during the first two months. However washing is allowed if the pet dirty itself strongly in the mud.

Later you can bathe your pet under the breed care standards, but not more often than 1 time per month.

Bathing your puppy, you should avoid water to get into its ears or eyes, better to insert cotton swabs into ears gently. During bathing, be extremely careful, do not let the dog jumping out of the bath, hold it firmly with one hand.

Wet pet’s hair thoroughly with a gentle water pressure, temperature should not exceed 40°C for not to provoke the animal fear and disaffection for washing procedure later.

Use soft concentrated shampoos with cosmetic additives. Squeeze out a little amount of shampoo, then massage it gently into the puppy’s hair and rinse it thoroughly. You can add a little olive oil into shampoo, carefully shaking the content of the bottle before use. This will give a special softness, shine to its hair, and elasticity to the skin.

Wash away shampoo foam completely, to avoid skin irritation and cases of eczema.

Toilet training

Making your puppy to keep itself clean, you have to carry it out on time, and with more adult one to let it go for a walk in the yard. If it is difficult for you to take the puppy regularly outside in the yard, you can adapt the metal or wooden container with low sides to these needs, filling the bottom with dry sand and changing it at a strong pollution.

Another convenient option for toilets - are special diapers for dogs, with adhesive strips to attach them to the floor. And even more convenient option is a large flat tray with a lattice, below which you can also put a diaper, holding the smell.

If your pet begins to circle restlessly on the ground and sniff it is a sure sign he needs to ‘get rid of a cargo’. This moment place him gently on a diaper. If the puppy immediately rode away from it naughty, do not be angry, and gently bring him back again. When the pet “has done it deeds," where it is necessary, praise it tenderly and reward with a tasty morsel.

You can afford to teach your puppy to defecate on a newspaper.

First, you should determine the place with the area of no more than 3 square meters and cover it with newspapers. You need to moisten one or two newspapers with the dog’s urine and watch your dog. Once you notice the restlessness behavior of your puppy, bring it to the marked papers, or direct it by pushing with your feet without letting to escape from the designated place, until it defecate.

If you are limited in time, select a separate room for the dog’s habitation and cover the floor with newspapers there. The essence of this approach - it quickly accustoms a dog to use newspapers, especially if there is no other surface underfoot. Having noted the dog’s most favorite toilet areas, start cutting the newspaper space, eliminating the outermost sheets. Finally, you can confine to only 2-3 newspapers. If the puppy ignored newspapers again, expand the coverable area. Be patient, soon toilet needs will be associated with newspaper sheet. When you see the dog ‘did its business’ on the newspaper, praise it joyfully and treat with a tasty morsel.

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