National All Breeds Dog Show in Kaunas

Show date: from 6 september 2014 to 7 september 2014
Regestration deadline: 25 August 2014
Place: Lithuania, Kaunas
Club: KKMC
Rank: CAC
Tel: +370 37 225265, +370 618 20434
Entry form, information:

Entry fees

Till 01.06.2014Till 01.08.2014Till 25.08.2014
First dog (1 show / 2 shows)30/50 EUR35/60 EUR40/70 EUR
Additional dogs (1 show / 2 shows)25/45 EUR30/55 EUR35/65 EUR
Baby, puppy and veterans (1 show / 2 shows)15/25 EUR17/30 EUR20/35 EUR
Competitions (1 show / 2 shows)15/25 EUR15/25 EUR15/25 EUR

Advertisement in catalogue (page) - 20 EUR

List of judges

6 September 2014:

FCI group I - Barbara Larska (Poland)
FCI group II - Audra Babianskienė (Lithuania) and Irina Podlozhnaja (Belarus)
FCI group III - Olga Goncharuk (Ukraine)
FCI group IV - Barbara Larska (Poland)
FCI group V - Audra Babianskienė (Lithuania)
FCI group VI - Vija Klucniece (Latvia) and Barbara Larska (Poland)
FCI group VII - Olga Goncharuk (Ukraine)
FCI group VIII - Audra Babianskienė (Lithuania)
FCI group IX - Vija Klucniece (Latvia) and Irina Podlozhnaja (Belarus)
FCI group X - Vija Klucniece (Latvia)
Group O - Olga Goncharuk (Ukraine)
Junior handling – judge will be announced later

7 September 2014:

FCI group I - Olga Goncharuk (Ukraine)
FCI group II - Vija Klucniece (Latvia) and Olga Goncharuk (Ukraine)
FCI group III - Irina Podlozhnaja (Belarus) and Jūratė Butkienė (Lithuania)
FCI group IV - Vija Klucniece (Latvia)
FCI group V - Barbara Larska (Poland)
FCI group VI - Audra Babianskienė (Lithuania)
FCI group VII - Audra Babianskienė (Lithuania)
FCI group VIII - Jūratė Butkienė (Lithuania)
FCI group IX - Irina Podlozhnaja (Belarus) and Olga Goncharuk (Ukraine)
FCI group X - Barbara Larska (Poland)
Group O - Jūratė Butkienė (Lithuania)
Junior handling – judge will be announced later

List of judges can be changed by the show committee.
Dog replacements in registration is impossible!

Bank details:
Swedbank bankas A/s 
LT 10 7300 0100 0224 8045

The sender must cover all the payment expenses.

Venue: Universiteto str. 8 B , LT-53361 Akademija, Kauno r. , Lithuania


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