BIS CACIB «Christmas Show» Nijmegen (Netherlands), 18 - 20 December 2015

FCI group I

Judge - Mw. M. ten Cate
1 Place — Bearded Collie Braemoor's Simply an Angel, owner - E. Jansen
2 Place — Bouvier des Flanders (Vlaamse Koehond) Puck Kim van Dafzicht, owner - G. Krah
3 Place — Australian Cattle Dog Wantibirri Irony of Fate, owner - J. Schmidt

FCI group II

Judge - Dhr. J. van Dijk
1 Place — Landseer (Europäisch-kontinentaler Typ) Walu Lois us Arsnouphis, owner - C.Th.J.M. Knippenborg
2 Place — Doberman Pinscher (Dobermann) Garuda von Dockermann, owner - R. Lack
3 Place — Bullmastiff Leatherneck N'Rodels Road Warrior, owner - W.E.H. Bus

FCI group III

Judge - Mw. J. Bode- van de Meeberg
1 Place — Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Stafford, Staffordshire) Chapmeek Mandela, owner - H.M.J. v.d. Broek
2 Place — Jack Russell Terrier Lumberlake Beyond The Ordinary, owner - G. Arts-v. Dinter
3 Place — West Highland White Terrier Charise's White My-Pie, owner - M. Knezevic

FCI group IV

Judge - Dhr. B.T. Bogren
1 Place — Dachshund standard smooth-haired, Ella Von Der Roten Zora, owner - J. Patt
2 Place — Dachshund standard long-haired, Luitenant Generaal v.d Hoefstal, owner - K. Versluis
3 Place — Dachshund miniature smooth-haired, Perfect Painted Gaga Tasty Cookie, owner - E. de Groot

FCI group V

Judge - Dhr. W. Peper (Dld)
1 Place — Alaskan Malamute Under Icewolf's Star Inditarod, owner - R. Robb
2 Place — American Akita Dynamic Force Gimme Gimme, owner - M.J.A.M. Huls
3 Place — Pharaoh Hound Oldehove's GalinaGyasi, owner - S. Winter

FCI group VI

Judge - Dhr. W. Wellens
1 Place — Rhodesian Ridgeback Likozi Sheik Jagluipaard, owner - E.D.H. van Doorn
2 Place — Beagle Whitney v.d. Hoefstal, owner - K. Versluis
3 Place — Bavarian Mountain Hound (Bayerischer Gebirgsschweisshund) Mafia z Lipowej Osada, owner - A.B. Stokman

FCI group VII

Judge - Dhr. D. Rutten
1 Place — English Setter Vanquish Gentle-Rose, owner - Y.M.L. Mauriks
2 Place — German Shorthaired Pointing Dog (Deutsch Kurzhaar) Ginger v.v. Stroomdrift van R, owner - Rheenen & N. Arts
3 Place — Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon (Cesky Fousek) Ilse Cedra v.d. Perwasborg, owner - C.A. Wesseling- Haarbrink

FCI group VIII

Judge - Mw. T.A. Pillement- Heijden
1 Place — Welsh Springer Spaniel Wild Chase des Vauriennes, owner - T.L. Harmsen
2 Place — English Cocker Spaniel Nickel and Dimes Skyfall, owner - G.H. van Empel
3 Place — Portuguese Water Dog (Cão de Agua Português) Patriot's Life in the Fast Lane

FCI group IX

Judge - Dhr. H. Boelaars
1 Place — Continental Toy Spaniel (Papillon, Phalene) Kandyno de Costalina, owner - J.A.E. Roosens
2 Place — Shih Tzu Barkingbeauty's Daylight Charisma, owner - L.G. Verbon
3 Place — French Bulldog (Bouledogue français) La Vergne de la Maison Des Anges, owner - J.W. Scheffer

FCI group X

Judge - Dhr. R. Doedijns
1 Place — Whippet Crème Anglaise's Pantomime, owner - J.W. Akerboom, Schaaf & K., Schaaf- Akerboom
2 Place — Afghan Hound Agha Djari's Blue Steel, owner - K. Hesseling
3 Place — Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya (Borzoi) White Coronet Modnyanistru, owner - A. Kluiters & A. van den Broek

Best in Show (BIS)

1 Place — English Setter Vanquish Gentle-Rose, owner - Y.M.L. Mauriks
2 Place — Landseer (Europäisch-kontinentaler Typ) Walu Lois us Arsnouphis, owner - C.Th.J.M. Knippenborg

Photo © kynoweb



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