«Spirited dogs usually win», - All- Breeds FCI exspert Yulia Ovsiannikova

 Yulia Ovsiannikova,
FCI expert , All Breeds CACIB (Int)

Yulia’s first dog was the Rough Collie, which was bought in her childhood. But in the last 15 years main breeds for her became the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler.
In breeding prefers remote inbreeding.

How good can we show the dog in the hot summer day?

There is now not only the issue of showing a dog. The point is that the heat is neither preferable condition for dogs nor for people. You can be an owner of a very well prepared dog, but it won’t do its best because of the weather and the reasons are not that it has some sickness or defects, which makes its moving difficult, but only because it has heat intolerance.

I prefer, as the pet owner, when the rings start early in the morning or in the evening. The visit of the show is our own wish and dogs just come with us, so our first concern is to make for a dog staying at the event comfortable.

Yulia Ovsiannikova, FCI expert , All Breeds CACIB Sometimes accidents happen, but today everything is OK, despite the big number of the short-muzzled dog breeds; this indicates to an excellent breathing and the welfare of the dogs. But there can be incidents  with standards or working dogs in the rings and I always support the owners who says: «We don’t need any compares, we better stay out, even if our dog doesn’t win, the health of our dog is more important for us» . This is the only one truly right position that the pet owner has to have. For me, as for a judge, it would be better when the weather was not so hot.

It was rainy yesterday, but everything was ok, even the long-haired dogs where looking good in the rings and in the best in show. The weather is out of our control and it is very good that there are pavilions, tents, trees and a lot of fresh water.

What is the main purpose of the dog show?

Every person has its own. I receive the energy from the event whether I’m a judge or I come with someone to just watch the show. I never take a part in the show, because it is psychologically hard for me. Everyone has to do their own business: one is a handler, another is an expert and other is a dog owner.

In general, the main aim of the dog show is to distinguish right breeds according the standards.

Is it correct to judge dogs from your kennel?

There is rule that you can be an expert of the dogs from your kennel if  you sold them more than 6 month ago. I think it’s a quite correct; no one wants to be blamed in preconceived judging. Even more, when the judge sees the dogs in the ring from his kennel, some breaks are working.

When the dog is a single breed representative or alone in the ring, is the Title valid?

The dog is compared according to the standard, so the Title may be given or may not.

What you look at first when the dogs are in the ring? How handling is important for you?

Certainly, everything is important. It can happen that a good dog with a bad handler wins.

Handling is very important when we are talking about the selection for the Best in Show. But the dog has to wish to be a champion, that’s why experts pay a lot of attention to temperament and spirit of the pet. That kind of dogs as a rule reach the goals in multibreeds competitions and BIS.

Yulia Ovsiannikova, FCI expert , All Breeds CACIB

So, the spirited dogs usually win?

In a case when we evaluate an equally excellent animal, as in different kind of sports or in beauty contest without clear ranges in seconds or meters, of course the spirit is very important, but the dog must satisfy the requirements of the standard.

What are the criteria when an expert is judging BIS?

There are a lot of criteria.  Someone has its own affection or antipathy to some breed.
Sometimes the judge says: «Oh, that dog becomes a winner in Best very often».

Someone think that rare or unique or hard in upbringing or grooming breeds must be popularized.

For me it is a matter of a principle that the dog is of a certain level. Dogs that take part in the BIS are very quality, they were chosen by you or your colleagues and you decide who is the best among the equal and all facts are important: forms of dog, condition etc. Very often, when you are judging the group, you see the great dog and you are sure that it is the BIS winner and you will choose it as the best dog, but in the final competition this dog shows itself not very well.

What is your attitude towards dogs with or without extra teeth?

There are a small number of dog breeds with extra teeth as a defect in standard.
Teeth defects are evaluated specifically now. If the breeds’ standard has description about this, then we pay attention at it. If we have a gap in the standard about this moment, then we cannot penalize this dog, but we could prefer a full-teeth dog.

What is your attitude to exhibitors who try to find out your opinion or ask questions in ring?

Communication is not acceptable during the rings. In the end of the rings, please, ask questions, because every experienced handler or judge is learning. Sometimes I can ask a breeder about some little nuances. 

Interview by: Makarov E.

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Source: petolog.com



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