Behind the scenes of WDS 2016: interviews with volunteers and breeders

During the World Dog Show 2016 in Moscow we had an opportunity to talk to people who did a lot to make this show work – the volunteers. They had very different tasks: someone was working in a main ring, someone in halls, others met guests or was in charge of printing materials… They worked hard to make the show comfortable both for participants and for visitors.

WDS 2016 participant, owner of the Alabai bitch that took second place in junior breed ring:

I like this show, and it is very good that halls are cool. After the very difficult journey and such a heat it is very important. Also very good that it is clean inside. For our breed this is especially significant because our dogs have white coat.

WDS 2016 participant, owner of the German Shepherd:

We had a very numerous ring and there was not enough place for everyone… Some dogs had to stand very close to each other, to stand at neighbours’ ring, or simply wait their turn where visitors stay or near the exit. This was very uncomfortable, I think, the number of dogs in a ring must be taken into account and according to this place next to the ring where dogs wait for their turn should be organized. For example, you know that you have few very numerous groups and you might place them in a ring with a big adjoining territory, while to less numerous breeds you give the ring with less space around it.

WDS 2016 participant, owner of the Czechoslovakian Vlcak:

We have big and peculiar dogs with which it is difficult and easy at the same time. We were very pleased that our breed was one of the first on 24th of June; we performed in the morning and could go home. For the Vlcak breed it is pretty difficult to stay still for a long time and in such heat and on a stone surface the walk won’t be a pleasure. We also liked that it was cool in halls, dogs felt great, and cleaning stuff worked perfectly. Also there were water dispensers, and we could always give our dogs to drink even if our water finished.

The WDS 2016 visitor, the Caucasian Shepherd fan:

I came here to see dogs and to think, which puppy I would like to obtain. I like very much that there are many dogs and there is a possibility to talk to their owners, who are not only in rings, but also at breed stands where there are kennel representatives and dogs themselves. I had a chance to see the dog and to ask questions to its owners. I even could take a photo with Taifun (the male Caucasian Shepherd that was at the breed ring – authors’ note) who is very affectionate and likes to give a paw. It is my first visit at such event and I like everything!

Julia, breeder, WDS 2016 visitor:

We are not participating in a show this time, because our kennel is very young and we have to work hard to enter such a show. I came here to see the high-quality dogs. And I liked it a lot! Dogs are wonderful and judging is great. There was no such a moment when I didn’t agree with experts’ opinion, and I think that on all rings I saw all results were fair. Who knows the situation would understand how important this is!

Natalia, the WDS 2016 volunteer:

All dogs are so beautiful, but all are such beggars. You pat a dog and it touches your hand with its nose looking for something tasty! And one of the Alabais pushed my hand with its forehead asking for affection! In general, it is good that I had time both to work and to walk and see the dogs. Volunteers were treated very well by organizers and by participants.

Tanya, the WDS 2016 volunteer:

It was very difficult to place big dog breeds in areas where they were supposed to be, as there must be not only a dog, but its owner and all their things! There was not enough place for everyone. Part of the big dogs we had to put along the walls, and not in a breeders zone. We simply didn’t have a choice, because if we did it another way there won’t be walking corridors.

The WDS 2016 volunteer:

It is great that there was a good climate control and in such hot weather in Crocus was very cool, which is good for dogs. The bad thing was that screen on which number of rings and dogs and time were written one could not see from the visitors’ side at all. So the breeders couldn’t identify their ring until they enter the special corridor. In every hall there was two lines of corridors along all the length of the hall, and there were no passages between them. So if you want to go to the other line you had to pass all the rings, and if you want to see the ring number you had to enter the special corridor… It was very uncomfortable and breeders asked us all the time about the place of their ring.

WiDeSoul volunteers:

We are working to make people happy. We have few photo-points where the professional photographer can make a photo of you and your pet, and you can download it then from our Vkontakte, Facebook or Instagram group. Our work is aimed to help shelters, we support animals that need help and attract peoples’ attention to such situations. If people unite they can help animals!

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Author: Alena Morgunovskaya

Translation: Nadya Iarovaya

Photo: Alena Morgunovskaya, Julia Silina



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