Dog Policy: FCI doesn’t recognize events held by RKF and UKU on the territory of Crimea

18 March 2014 was signed the agreement about reunion of Crimea with Russia. From that moment the juridical aspect of activities on the Crimea peninsula were changed.

In this situation Crimea kennel clubs, dog breeders and simply dog lover appeared to be restrained and frustrated. With which kennel union you have to work now, who will give pedigrees, titles, who will organize the events etc…. I would like to wright that pet owners live in another world that is not touched by a policy and every question was settle quickly and for good for every part, but that would be, unfortunately, not true.

The FCI government held an “urgent” meeting on 8 June 2015 the result of which was the agreement between RKF and UKU that was written in three languages and signed by three presidents – of FCI, UKU and RKF. But the strange thing is that this agreement came to force some days earlier – 25 May 2015.

One of the main point of this agreement is the possibly to choose the federation: to stay in UKU or to move to RKF, but on this agreement signed by three presidents was also written “Canine events in Crimea may be organized by RKF or UKU (or by any of their affiliated clubs) but none of the awards and titles gained at those events are recognized by the FCI and its members, including RKF and UKU themselves”.

So to say, there is a situation in which on Russian territory there is an organization that functions under the rules of another country.

Here is the opinion of dog expert of national category Alexandr Chernyi “In this agreement is said that any dog of any breed born in Crimea can be registered in UKU or in RKF and according to this participate in dog shows for obtaining titles. But if you buy a puppy and register it in UKU in which country you can go considering all the sanctions? You can visit dog shows on Ukrainian territory only. So the UKU is like appendix – not needed.”

By the way, in this agreement is also written that UKU doesn’t accept the Crimea to be a part of Russia and in international and national pedigrees you put Crimea Republic as the origin with no country mentioned. This will for sure also influence the dog show events in other countries.

As we see in the text of the treaty the FCI has to inform all partners and members about this agreement but you won’t be able to find anything concerning this information of the official FCI website.

However, you will find in the Internet the petition of dog breeders and kennel owners of the Crimea Republic that was signed by 2 people. Anybody knew about that?

Also, it is interesting to read the circular of UKU President Onishenko to FCI President De Santiago



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