Duncan Lou Who: the two-legs Youtube star

Duncan Lou Who: the two-legs Youtube star

The Boxer Duncan Lou Who was born with a deformed pelvis and rear legs and got its legs amputated in the age of only 12 weeks. But today, this lovely and active dog inspires and makes smile many people.

Last year Duncan Lou Who was just learning to live and walk as a normal dog. This Boxer was lucky to be sent to the organisation Panda Paws Rescue (helps seriously ill dogs to get medical care) where the dog found its owner Amanda Giese that was ready to fight till end. And as a result of humans love, daily medical care and strong character Duncan Lou Who runs faster than many other four-legged dogs and lives a full doggy life.

This weekend was full of new emotions and experience for this cheerful and playful Boxer. It was its first-time trip to the beach! The courageous Duncan doesn’t need a wheelchair any more.

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