Dog Shot And Tied To Railroad Tracks Needs Help

Officers in Tampa, Florida, have rescued a dog who was shot twice and tied to railroad tracks -- and now she needs the public's help.
Police responded to reports of three shots fired at about 5:23 p.m. on Wednesday, and discovered the pup, named Cabela, according to WTSP. The 1- to 2-year-old mixed breed had been shot in the neck and shoulder, and was tied to the tracks with a belt.
Cabela was freed and taken to the Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Center, where she'll need to get her leg amputated. Vets told the station that she's recovering and in good spirits.
You can help. In a Facebook post, the Tampa Police Department listed a number for those wishing to make donations to the vet: (813) 265-4043.
Police are still looking for suspects, and ask that anyone with information call (813) 231-6130.



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