A Retirement Home Exists For Aging Cats, And It Looks Purrfectly Cozy

These elderly cats are living their golden years in the comfort that they've earned.
Lincolnshire, England, is home to a seemingly typical retirement facility complete with cozy decor. But the home, operated by the charitable organization Lincolnshire Trust for Cats, is actually for senior felines -- many of whom have owners who have gone into residential care themselves or died.
With almost 80 older cats under their care, Jain Hills, who founded the trust in 1999, says that the retirement home's mission is a special one.
"I know of some charities that have a few elderly cats, but they are not doing it on the scale we are," Hills told BBC News.
For a cat to live at the home, the owner or caretaker must pay a one-time fee of 850 British pounds, (about $1,300), according to the website. The "senior citizens" are then able to enjoy a variety of perks. The charity's site notes that the home is equipped with three centrally heated sitting rooms, a fireplace and plenty of space to roam around. For felines that aren't very social, there are even insulated cat houses in which they can lounge.
If only they had bingo.
To learn more about Lincolnshire Trust For Cats and the retirement home, visit their website here.
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