Give This Luxurious Martini-Shaped Kitty Condo To A Glamorous Cat Who Loves To Party

If your cat enjoys watching "Mad Men," scratching expensive things or sipping on mocktails, this special kitty condo is the one for him.
The fancy, martini-shaped scratching post is 4 feet high and 65 pounds of pure, made-to-order purrfection. The color and the shape of the martini glass opening can be customized, so dear kitty can curl up in a clover, dolphin or rocket-shaped cubby.
Not only will this condo double as decor, it will likely make all the cats in the neighborhood want to come over.
It's perfect for playdates and, well, cat naps.YouTube/Hollywood Kitty Co
Oh, it'll make any kitty feel alive.YouTube/Hollywood Kitty Co
The Martini Condo is unquestionably priceless, but since everything has a fee, it's been priced at a mere $799. You can order your own from the Hollywood Kitty Company. For your own entertainment, watch a bunch of cool cats revel in their time on the martini playset in the video below.



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