Why a dog chases its tail?

Почему собака гоняется за своим хвостом?

You probably noticed sometimes that your dog chases its tail, and sometimes even out loud. Inexperienced breeders think it's just a game. However, this behaviour can cause serious health problems.

To identify the specific cause, you need to observe your pet. Carefully inspect the anal area, your pet can interfere with plica or damaged skin. If you do not find neither the one nor the other, than go to the vet, because itching can be caused by damage of the anal glands or worms. The doctor will clean the gland, take a fecal analysis and prescribe a treatment. To prevent worms the dog must be given anthelminthic drugs once in 2-3 months.

If your pet is a small puppy with a docked tail, then it could be a fragment of a vertebra, traumatic tissue. Only surgical intervention can help in this case.

If the dog chases the tail, it may have poor coordination. It can be caused by vestibular syndrome. If this behaviour is accompanied by an unwell pet, vomiting and having diarrhoea, than this may be the cause for impaired liver function.

Reasons for chasing the tail can be behavioural in nature, if the dog does not have enough human attention, thereby attracting the owners’ attention.

Often a dog with a high level of anxiety pursues its tail. This is a stereotypical action that may be followed by a howl, doing toilet in the house, barking when the dog is left home alone. Increased anxiety can be accompanied by salivation, dilated pupils, increased heart rate. You need to figure out what your dog is so worried about and eliminate all disturbing situation. After overcoming the fear such behavioural reactions will stop.

Be attentive to your family pet, watch its health, give it enough time, play with it, and then your dogs will not chase its tail, and all the emotions will give you.


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