TOP-15 best dog breeds for children

Many parents at least once heard from their children: «Buy me a dog!» After all, every child dreams about a favorite pet that you can walk, play and have fun with.

Families, who decide to get a dog to a baby, are faced with a choice: what breed is best suited for a child, can become a friend to it, but will not pose a danger to it and show aggression.

There is an opinion that the best companion for children will be just a decorative breed. Of course, for a child it will be more difficult to deal with a physically strong dog, but this doesn’t mean, that’s only toy dogs are suitable for children. It is necessary to consider that the kid will want to have his/her pet to participate in the games. Service dogs one should obtain, if a child isn’t very small, is ready to train the dog and seriously deal with it.

Very capricious and complex in terms of character are the Chow Chow, the Dalmatian, the Husky, Laikas, Spitz-type dogs, therefore they aren’t suitable for kids. You should not buy an American Staffordshire Terrier and a Pitbull Terrier for your child. These breeds are very strong and dangerous for your kids.

So what dog do you choose for your beloved child from huge variety of breeds? We are introducing the TOP 15 best dog breeds for children:

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever
This is one of the most popular and best family dog breeds. Labradors are appreciated for their friendly nature and calm temperament. They are very smart and trainable dogs, affectionate to their owners and very patient with children, even with mischievous ones.

Labrador Retrievers are very active and can participate in games with kids. This breed loves water and will make an excellent company in water games.

The disadvantage of this breed is that it sheds a lot.

2. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever is a great companion for your child. The dog is very intelligent, kind, patient and loyal, loves to play with children, treats them with tenderness.

Retrievers are very energetic and their favorite game is to bring sticks or other items. This breed also loves water and would be happy to play water games and swim with you and your children. Golden retrievers respond well to training.

The disadvantage of this breed is it is prone to chewing, and can chew toys of your kids, so you need to watch after them to avoid this.

3. Poodle

Black Poodle
The Poodle is a very intelligent, playful, loyal and easily trainable breed. It can be trained even by a preschooler. Dogs love to spend time with their owners, could walk with them for a long time and love to play with children.

The owners of Poodles note that these dogs have their sense of humor. They love to do fun tricks that make all family members laugh. This breed is also safe for allergy sufferers: poodles almost don’t shed.

4. Beagle

The Beagle and children are ideally suited to each other. This breed is very active, loves to play, so it will become an excellent company for a child, may spend with him/her the whole day.

Beagles are very sociable; they easily make friends with all members of the family. They are calm, affectionate and very smart.

However, dogs of this breed are prone to bark loudly. The Beagle should be walked on a leash, because it can be distracted by smells and get lost.

5. Collie

Collie Smooth-haired
A very intelligent, affectionate and loyal Collie is very trainable and is a good friend for children of any age. Due to their activity and endurance they love to play and run around with the kids outdoors.

The only disadvantage is its need for a considerable amount of grooming.

6. Newfoundland

A great rescuer in the water this breed adores children, protects them and always takes care of them. Newfoundland is calm, gentle, patient, and diligent. For such positive qualities they become real favorites for the whole family.

The only drawback of this breed is the excessive drooling.

7. Pug

The pug is a small dog, but with a big personality. This breed is a great companion, good friend for children, affectionate, playful and friendly.

Pugs don’t need long walks; they prefer more relaxing games and entertainment. They can be a great company for children, lying on the couch, sometimes playing in outdoor games.

Dogs of this breed make funny sounds similar to sneezing, snorting and snoring. And Pugs shed a lot when season changes.

8. Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi
Dogs of this breed are very friendly, sociable, cheerful and intelligent. They love to make friends with children of different ages and play with them, both at home and outdoors. In addition the Welsh Corgi protects and watches over the younger members of the family.

This breed is playful, but not in a annoying way. They have only one disadvantage: the Welsh-Corgi sheds a lot when season changes.

9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a companion dog for families with children, active people and even the elderly. Dogs of this breed do not show aggression, adapt to the rhythm of life of their hosts and are very docile. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are very sociable, love to be in the center of attention and love children.

This breed is easy to care for and unpretentious in food. A child can care for a dog and even train it.

10. English Bulldog

English Bulldog
By its nature, the Bulldog is a very peaceful and kind dog. It is able to control its behavior, so children get along well with English Bulldogs. They can spend hours messing around, playing different games.

Children really like to care for their pets: to walk with them, to look after, to feed them. The English Bulldog in the family as a nanny for a child that care for the kid, plays and protects. It is interesting to observe how children play with the Bulldogs tag, hide and seek, ball, sliding down the hill together and running.

A minor drawback of this breed is its snore.

11. Magyar Vizsla

Magyar Vizsla
You may not have even heard of this breed, but for children this dog is perfect. Vizsla is very loyal, affectionate, has a mild and amiable character.

Vizsla is smart and obedient, so even children can train this dog. Its love of games and fun activities in the company of children make this breed everybody’s favorite in the family.

12. Irish Setter

Irish Setter
The Irish Setter is a dog for active people who live in a big house. These dogs are very intelligent and easy to train. If you decide to buy your child such a breed, be prepared that it needs a lot of walking.

Thanks to its natural sociability Setters get along well with children, even with the most hyperactive ones. They can spend hours taking part in children’s games, running after the stick and just be a good walking companion.

13. Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier
The nature of these dogs have a very lively and cheerful. Bull Terriers love people and are very attached to the children.

Dogs of this breed have a high pain threshold, so they will suit well to families with small children as this breed can put up with a kid who pulls it tail and plays rough.

Bull Terriers are good for large families, because they are very agile, active and energetic. However, they need constant training.

14. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise
Dogs of this breed love to spend time with their owners and children. Bichon Frise requires a lot of attention and love. These dogs adapt well to any situation, but don’t really like to play outdoors. The best entertainment for them is playing at home with young children.

The dog is not aggressive, gets along well with strangers and other animals.

15. English Pointer

English Pointer
Pointers are one of the best family dogs. They love children and are happy to take part in their games.

Active and playful outdoors, the English Pointer is very calm at home. This breed possesses a quiet and patient temperament; it is not aggressive towards people and other dogs and loves a lot of the attention from its owners.

Dogs are considered to be the most loyal and devoted pets. Don’t forget that when you choose a dog for the smallest family member you should take into account the size, activity level and temperament of the animal.

Besides the above-mentioned breeds, a good friend for your kid may become a mongrel dog.

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