Worlds' most gifted dogs with exceptional qualities (foto, video, facts)

We decided to form a list of the world’s most unique dogs that ever lived and are now living. An also lists of dog breeds that are most of the most in any kind of characteristic. We hope to update this list and put the new facts in it, so please feel free to leave your comments or write us.

• The world's tallest dog is the Great Dane from Otsego (Michigan, USA). Dog named Zeus reaches 1,11 meters. More info and video about Zeus here

Самая высокая собака в мире - Зевс немецкий дог

• The smallest adult dog was a representative of the breed the Yorkshire Terrier, who lived in 1944, height in withers was 6.3 cm, length 9.5 cm, weight 113 grams. To understand how tiny was that Yorkie look at the smallest of now living dogs - the Terrier Maisy from Poland, height 7 cm, length 12 cm, weight 50 grams.

• The heaviest dog in the world is English Mastiff Zorba, the weight of which is 155.6 kg.
Зорба - самая тяжёлая собакой в мире

The Back and Tan Coonhound Harbor possesses the longest ears among now living dogs. Its left ear is 31,1 cm and the right ear is 34,3 cm. The World record belongs to the Bloodhound named Tiger - 34,9 cm.

Книга гиннеса - Самые длинные уши собаки

• The fastest dog in the world is the Greyhound named Star Title, his record speed of 67.32 km/h was recorded in 1994 in Australia.

• The most expensive dog in the world sold for 12 million yuan is the golden Tibetan Mastiff.

• The largest cargo pulled by the dog weighed 2 905 kg. Those were railroad rails, which were moved by eighty-kilo St. Bernard named Brandy Rayttes Bear.

• The longest tongue a dog ever had belongs to the Boxer Brandy from USA - 48 cm. But among today living dogs the record tongue has the Pekenese Puggi - 11,43 cm.

Книга Гиннеса - самый длинный язык у собаки

• The longest tail of 72,29 cm possesses the Irish Wolfhound from Canada named Finnegan.

Ирландский волкодав - самый длинный вост

• The record height of a dog’s jump was 3.48 meters performed by the German Shepherd named Max in 1980.

• The record length of the jump of 9.14 meters was fixed in 1849 while the Greyhound named Bang was chasing a hare.

• The loudest bark ever fixed belongs to the Golden Retriever Charlie from Australia. The sound level is 113.1 dB. When the noise lever reaches 115 dB sensory cells of the inner human ear are damaged. A helicopter, for instance, has noise lever of 110 dB.

• The Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever are considered ti best hunting breeds. See the hole list of best breeds for a hunt.

Лабрадор ретривер

• Labradors are also leaders of the list of breeds suited for children. See TOP-15 best breeds for children.

Лабрадор фото

• The most aggressive breed is the Dachshund. See top of most aggressive dog breeds.

Такса стандартная длинношёрстная

• Most dangerous breed is the American Pit Bull Terrier, see the hole list of the most dangerous dogs in the world.

• The best police dog was the Doberman Pinscher named Sauer, who in 1925 using only its nose track down the thief in South Africa at a distance of 160 km.

• The rarest breed of dog is the Chinook that was bred in New Hampshire about a hundred years ago as a draught dog. At the peak of the breeds’ popularity there were about 300 dogs, in 1966 were 125 ones, and by 1985-th there were only 76 dogs. All of them live in the USA.

• The maximum age of a dog’s life (documentary fixed) was reached by the Australian Cattle Dog named Blow that lived 29 years 5 months. Its owner was Less Hall from Rochester, Victoria, Australia.

• And finally the most intelligent dog is considered to be the Border Collie (Meet Jumpy, the smartest dog ever)




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