Russian railway: rules for pet transportation

РЖД – правила перевозки домашних животных

Travelling by a long-distance train

According to the Rules of passengers’ transportation from 12 August 2014 a person can travel with a small domestic animal on Russian long-distance train only in a special compartment. You also have to pay for your pet additionally, the minimum fare is 239,5 RUB for the distance to 10 km., 442 RUB till 1000 and 1323 till 5000 km. And also you have to have a veterinary passport with you for this pet and follow the sanitary-hygienic norms

All small domestic animals must be transported in a special container that is put on a place for a hand luggage. The sum of all three dimensions of this container cannot be more than 180 cm.

Large dogs must be transported in a separate compartment in a muzzle, be always on a leash and controlled and supervised by a person they travel with. You have to pay for all seats in this compartment without additional payment for a dog. Number of people and dogs cannot be more than the number of seats.

Animals that can be dangerous for other people cannot travel by train. Also no animals are accepted in non-special compartments as well as you cannot take your precious pet with you if you chose a high-speed train «Sapsan» («Сапсан»).

Travelling by a commuter train

Small dogs can be transported in a commuter train without a special container but in a muzzle and on a leash. Cats must be always supervised. Large dogs must travel in a muzzle and on a leach in a platform of a train carriage, but not more than one dog for one carriage. A person accompanying an animal must have a veterinary passport for this animal and pay additionally for the dogs’ transportation.

Travelling with a guide dog

Rules for travelling with a dog that accompanies a disabled person are special. For transportation of such a dog you don’t have to pay additional price, but it must have a muzzle, be on a leash and be besides a person it accompanies.

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