How do Cats bond with their owners

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The most cat specialists claim that independency is an inherent feature for feline animals. There is also a common opinion that cat affection to their owners is caused by their survival instinct. In spite the fact that lots of people agree with this assertion, as a rule they also belong to those minority that have got no great love for this type of pets.

Any present or former cat owner will attest that cats are capable of forming of very strong attachment, although they are very selective as to whom they hand their hearts. Typically, a cat will pick only one family member whom it will recognize as a master.  A cat starts to shower such a person with attention. For example, it will climb on his/her laps, sleep in his/her bed almost every night and strenuously purr when he/she’ll come home.
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By now feline experts have failed to offer a definitive explanation why cats get so attached to one person and remain fairly indifferent to others. It’s been proven that feeding a cat or giving it toys don’t always strengthen its feelings for you. Of far greater importance is the amount of time which the individual will spend with the animal.

Other aspects such as the person’s demeanor, voice or the way he handles a cat also play a major role in the development of its affection. For example some felines prefer tender treatment while others enjoy to be bossed around a bit.

There is also an interesting theory that cats are attracted to those people with whom they are compatible at the psychological level. So if a cat detected a person with an inappropriate aura it would simply start shunning him. Of course this point of view has the right to live although many cat owners will refute it with laughter.
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Unfortunately, so far all attempts to uncover the reasons behind cat affection have proved to be fruitless. But there is no doubt that humans have long become for this self-dependent animal not only a means of survival but also a source of love and attention. It derives an incredible joy from interaction with its beloved owners and reacts to their caress with satisfied meowing.

You shouldn’t expect the same unconditional loyalty from a cat as you may receive from a dog. Moreover the ability to bond with humans differs in different breeds and also depends on the personality of a cat itself. Meanwhile the vast majority of cats are happy to share their existence with two-legged companions and in the course of time their attachment to owners grows stronger and stronger.
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