Miniature English Bulldog

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except for solid black
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Pros Cons

  • great choice for an apartment dweller

  • gets along virtually with everyone, including cats

  • sociable and even-tempered

  • needs little amount of physical stimulation

  • doesn’t like to play

  • poor guardian

  • independent and wilful

  • gains weight fast


The Miniature Bulldog is a good-natured, affectionate, smart and staunch companion breed and an immediate relative of the full-sized English Bulldog. Since it was developed only in the late 90s of the XX century, it hasn’t yet earned recognition of any reputable canine organisation. However, its sweet nature and easy-to-care-for coat endeared this dog to lots of dog lovers from different countries.


The first offers of the pure-bred Miniature Bulldog appeared in the public sale in the spring of 1999. The web site united all breeders of this new canine variety and provided full description of its personality traits. The organisation also kept records of genetic robustness of the dogs and thanks to this practise the breed got formal acceptance of the International Kennel Club, IKC, Inc. Nonetheless its specimen is admitted to registration in the club only if its health test brings positive results.

Another association, the Miniature Bulldog Club of America (MBCOA) includes breeders of small full-sized bulldogs from the U.S. and Australia as well as breeders of the French-English Pug hybrid. Particularly this French-English Pug mix was created in 2001 by three fanciers in Minnesota. Today it’s commonly sold as the «miniature bulldog» but it shares temperament of the standard full-sized Pug. Australians also contributed to the development of compact bulldogs and in 2003 began bringing the specimens from several unique bloodlines to the U.S.

In 2004 family breeders from American Florida declared about creation of the true Miniature Bulldog. In the program they used an ordinary Australian Bulldog that weighted reportedly from 9 to 15 kilograms. In the following years Texas and Arkansas breeders got involved into the process of further improvement of this budding canine variety.

Presently it’s still rather uneasy to buy a pure-bred specimen of the Miniature Bulldog. Despite of abundance of offers in the Internet, lots of them are based on pure fraud since under the pretence of original Miniature Bulldogs breeders sell pups of small full-sized English Bulldogs. Nevertheless the fanciers of bulldog-type canines from both U.S. and Europe have already appreciated great communicational skills and gentleness to children of this compact dog.


The wonderful temperament of the Miniature Bulldog makes it an ultimate companion animal for families and individuals alike. Thanks to its small size and easy-going disposition, it easily adapts to any living situation and forms equally strong bonds to its entire family. This dog is alright with children and will patiently put up with their sometimes obtrusive attention. Moreover unlike standard Bulldog it very rarely knocks them down while playing. Of course, the dog should be sufficiently socialised to treat other creatures with due respect.

The Miniature Bulldog meets unfamiliar people with open friendliness and stands all chances to become an inappropriate greeter. Since it commonly doesn’t discriminate between a welcomed guest and an intruder, it should never be charged with guarding duties. But the breed member will always let its masters know about the presence of strangers near the house and makes a wonderful watchdog.

The Miniature Bulldog likes interacting with its counterparts and will be happy to have one or two constant canine companions. Be aware though that it can be easily harmed by some aggressive homeless dog and exercise necessary caution while waking with your pet. The correctly socialised specimen of this breed is also highly tolerable of other pets in the house although it may occasionally bother a home cat trying to play with it.

Health Problems

The most common problems for the breed include:

· breathing problems;

· eye problems;

· hip dysplasia;

· elbow dysplasia;

· patella luxation;

· difficulty/impossibility giving birth naturally;

· cold and heat sensitivity;

· flatulence.


The maintenance of the Miniature Bulldog needs average amount of efforts. The master should brush its short hair two-three times a week with a soft bristle brush to spread natural skin oils. Regular brushing also allows minimising the necessity of bathing. The breed is a moderate permanent shedder but it will lose slightly more fur during seasonal changes.

Special care need folds on the dog’s muzzle and body. They must be carefully cleaned with a soft, damp towel a few times per week. After cleaning don’t forget to properly dry the areas between wrinkles otherwise they may become a home for nasty bacteria. It’s also important to trim the dog’s nails on a monthly basis and clean its teeth at least weekly.


The training of the Miniature Bulldog is a daunting task because of its independent and refractory nature. It doesn’t mean that it can’t learn basic tricks but it certainly means that the handler should be very patient and consistent in the work with this breed. Don’t expect from your pet an unquestionable obedience and assume an indulgent attitude to its mischiefs.

Tasty food is the best motivation for your Miniature Bulldog although it should be used rather sparingly to avoid problems with excessive weight. Correct its mistakes with soft voice as this dog doesn’t respond well to harsh discipline, which usually leads to even more wilful behaviour.


The Miniature Bulldog is a curious yet somewhat lazy dog that will be absolutely satisfied by two or three calm walks per day. Because of such a sedate lifestyle this dog is susceptible to fast weight gain. So its master should exercise proper control over the quantity and quality of canine food and let its pet run off-leash in a fenced yard several times a week.

Once it’s sufficiently exercise the Miniature Bulldog behaves itself very mannerly indoors so this breed suits wonderfully for an apartment living. Be mindful though that even this peaceable and quite dog may become very destructive if it’s completely deprived of physical outlets.