Boykin Spaniel

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liver, dark chocolate
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The Boykin Spaniel is an average-sized dog with amicable nature and outgoing individuality. Created to hunt in the humid swamps of the southern part of America in the early XX century, it will be a great companion for a hunter as well as for active people who love hiking, boating and other activities.

The forefather of the Boykin Spaniel was a homeless dog adopted by Whit Boykin in the beginning of the XX century. The dog was given the name Dumpy and it possessed a thick, short trunk and an excellent bird sense. This particular dog was crossed with the American Water Spaniel, the Springer Spaniel, the Pointer and the Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

The Boykin Spaniel was given a status of the official state dog of South Carolina. It was widely used throughout XX century as a hunting dog for waterfowl, wild turkeys and pheasants. The dog has suitable size to travel in a boat with a hunter and is known for its drive when it concerns getting in the water and retrieving game.

Nowadays the breed is still mainly kept by habitants of South Carolina and greatest number can be found in the area of Atlantic Seaboard. Gradually, the Boykin Spaniel acquires more fanciers and its population increases all over the America. The United Kennel Club (UKC) recognized the breed in 1985. In 2008 the Boykin Spaniel got partial acknowledgment by American Kennel Club (AKC). Then in 2009 the breed finally was granted a full AKC acceptance.

It’s hard to point out any common personality traits for the Boykin Spaniel. It shows also different rates of hunting skills and abilities. It does best at hunting for flushing game and is a capable swimmer with great stamina and adaptability for various weather conditions.

The Boykin Spaniel gets along with children if they have been raised together but it won’t tolerate awkward toddler and may bite in response to rough treatment. At the same time the dog is a wonderful playmate for older children.

A well-socialized Boykin Spaniel will be a friendly animal that will openly greet all newcomers in your house. This breed is vigilant but due to its friendly nature it will be a poor watchdog. This dog seems to bark only at emergency and won’t bother your neighbours with excessive noise.

In other dogs this breed tends to see playmates rather than competitors. The majority of Boykin Spaniels can put up with home cats and other pets, but they need to be introduced to them during puppyhood.

Health Problems

The most common problems for the breed include:

• cardiovascular problems;
• patella luxation;
• elbow dysplasia;
• Cushings disease;
• intervertebral disc disease;
• arthritis;
• perianal hernia;
• cancer;
• hypothyroidism;
• eye problems;
• interdigital cysts;
• anal gland problems;
• allergies.

The Boykin Spaniels coat has medium length and needs a weekly brushing. Bathe your dog only when needed. If you prefer, professional clipping will ensure more accurate appearance of the dog. The breed is a medium shedder and regular use of the brush will keep your belongings safe from dead hair.

Usual care practices are also essential to keep your dog healthy and good-looking. Nail trimming should be done once a month, ears should be checked for the traces of possible infection. Teeth brushing will ensure its durability and whiteness.

The Boykin Spaniel’s favourite pastime is to spend time with family and to have fun so make sure you have designed your training practices to be interesting and captivating. With proper strategy the breed is easy trainable, though repetitive lessons and intense efforts from the owner are required to fully develop its talents as a hunter.

In some cases it would be wise to seek professional help from the trainer who has already worked with this breed. This clever dog will learn quickest with positive encouragement and firm but careful handler.

Socialization should start immediately on arrival to new home. Being amicable creature, the Boykin Spaniel isn’t prone to outburst of aggressiveness but socialization will alleviate the dogs stress from exposure to different unknown situations.

The Boykin Spaniel is a sporting breed and as such it’ pretty strict in its exercise needs. If hunting is not your hobby, the dog will much appreciate a long vigorous walk daily and from time to time visits to any kind of pond.

The Boykin Spaniel is an eager swimmer and is always glad to spend on swimming its inexhaustible energy. It looks forward to the opportunities of getting wet and will become excellent partner for boat fans of boats, canoes and kayaks. It loves getting involved in such dog sports as agility and playball.

This vigorous and playful dog is recommended for families with active way of life that will be able to provide it a sufficient amount of exercise.