Top 10 amazing Valentine's Day gifts for your pet

On Valentine ’s Day we get used to demonstrate affection to our soul mates with little gifts. But it’s also a wonderful idea to reward loyalty and love of your four-legged friend with a small but relevant present.

Review the list of great ways to make your pet happy on this holiday of love.

1. Toys. Your furry buddy will be absolutely delighted to have a new addition to its collection of plush and rubber toys. In order to make it more appropriate for the occasion, it can have the shape of a heart. Such a present is truly universal and suits both cats and dogs.

Valentine's Day Pet Gifts - Toy Heart

2. New leash / collar. If your budget is limited, you can buy your pet a nice leather collar or leash, which will match its coat. Or you can invest into a hand-tailored collar etched with its nickname and probable your telephone number.

Valentine's Day Pet Gifts - Collar

3. Pet bed. Does your cat or dog prefer to have its own place in the house rather than to sleep on your soft furniture? In this case it will surely appreciate a brand new and cozy bed where it will be able to rest comfortably while you are out.

Valentine's Day Pet Gifts - Pet Bed

4. Clothes. Many dogs distaste being dressed up and can’t wait to take this strange stuff off. But there are also specimens that love wearing fashionable clothes and even intentionally carry its owners to the pet shop to get a new outfit. Give your dog a warm coat or sweater so it won’t get cold on winter walks.

Valentine's Day Pet Gifts - Outfit

5. Catnip Mouse. A catnip mouse is an excellent gift for your feline friend on Valentine ’s Day. Make sure that it’s made from a safe material and is printed with a water-based paint since cats are merciless with such toys and can swallow several pieces of cloth while tearing them down.

Valentine's Day Pet Gifts - Mouse

6. Sweet treats. Chocolate, biscuits, candies are very obvious gifts on any holiday as far as it concerns people. But animals are also very excited to receive a present in the form of its favourite food since they perceive it as the best evidence of your attachment. You can find heat-shaped cookies and lots of other tasty snacks for your pal in online shops for pets.

7. Reserve an hour or two of Valentine ’s Day for your pet. It’s a very simple yet effective way to make your cat or dog endlessly happy. Deadlines at work, personal problems usually deprive us of lots of opportunities for interaction with our little fellows. And they crave for our care and attention more than anything else in the world!

Valentine's Day Pet Gifts - Spend time

8. Arrange a long walk with your pet. If your sweetheart also has one or two pets, you can take them for a long walk in some park. Most of pets enjoy spending time outside and welcome the company of its counterparts.

Valentine's Day Pet Gifts - Walk

9. Thematic photo shoot. Life is fleeting so it’s a good idea to capture invaluable moments with your pet in pictures. Professional photo session will become a great gift for both you and your pet on this holiday.

Valentine's Day Pet Gifts - Photoshoot

10. Grooming and new haircut. Nail trimming, coat brushing and ear cleaning are also meant to show how much you care and love your pet and it surely understands this. Most dogs and cats like to have their hair cut in a fashionable style, so if you can afford it, take your buddy to a professional groomer.

Valentine's Day Pet Gifts - Haircut

Actually, it doesn’t matter how expensive or inventive your present will be, the main thing is that it will cement the bond between you and your pet as well as create happy memories that will stay with you forever.



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