Itching as a sign of a discomfort in dogs

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Itching – is one of the quite common and very unpleasant dogs’ problems. Pet scratches its hair, and even skin, thus occasionally causing damages, and the owner occasionally gets lost in conjectures what was the reason for this problem.

Among the causes of itching in dogs, parasites or skin diseases come to mind most often, and typically owners believe itching has been initiated precisely by these factors, but when no parasites or skin diseases found, they usually switch to allergies and start checking allergen in food. These are certainly quite common causes of itching in animals, but there is another option, which is frequently overlooked by many pet owners - itching as a sign of stress your pet is going through.

If you notice itching in an animal, and a vet has not found any skin diseases or parasites, you should think it over, and pay attention to the dog’s behavior. Apart from itching, another behavioral signs can be passed off as a stress, and by these signs you can determine the problem is caused precisely by stress.

For example, if a dog is often shaken – it is a sign of stress defatigation. Normally dogs shake after a bath or large amount of dust, but if a dog is doing this for no apparent reasons - it relaxes muscles, strained due to stress state. In this case a dog may either shake up entirely or simply shake its muzzle.

Wallowing in the grass, which is peculiar to dogs as the expression of pleasure, can also be a stress sign, if dog does it too often. To roll about on the grass ones or twice a walk is normal for a young and active dog, but if it is repeatedly done by a middle-aged dog - then it is rather trying in this way, to cope with itching caused by stress.

The frequent and sometimes noisy breathing – is another sign of the obvious stressful condition of your dog. When your pet starts breathing frequently, lolls out the tongue and getting strained - you should know that the animal is under stress. Such development is most typical for short-term and severe stresses.

In all these cases it is necessary to identify a factor causing stress in dogs, and minimize or remove it completely. Most often stresses occur in dogs at the service or undergoing fairly intensive course of training. In this case it is necessary to reduce the dog’s load, making classes shorter and less often. The regular raise of voice can also create stress in the animal; that is especially in nature of decorative breeds and the ones (any breeds), choleric in temper. Do not constantly yell at the dog, it does not improve the understanding of your words, but aggravates the problems.

But not only small and decorative breeds prone to stressful condition. There are some breeds that develop a separate predisposition to stresses - Dobermans, German Shepherds and Great Danes and a number of other breeds.

A good diet, peace and temporal opportunity to walk outside the other dogs’ company, as well as adequate attention of the owner, will bring a dog out of a stress state fairly quickly.

The treatment of a stress in dogs may take some time, the same as the human stress treatment, however using the "Apokvel" preparation, recently put on sale, will help you to reduce itching and alleviate the animal’s condition. It is not actually a medicine, and does not treat the causes of any type of itching, but it removes its appearance. Important: you cannot cure a dog of any itching, including itching caused by stress, taking this (or any other similar) preparation! To treat itching induced by skin diseases, allergies, parasites, etc. you should use special preparations; to relieve a stress - methods mentioned above; you may also use anti-stress medications.

The "Apokvel" also removes mere unpleasant symptoms, helping your pet to get through recovery period of the body, without further unpleasant consequences.


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