Your dog is afraid of steps - what to do?

Ваша собака боится ступенек - что делать?

Some dogs are afraid of stairs and for them it’s a real challenge when it comes to climbing another step. Usually these are toy or small dogs that are mostly kept today in a multistorey apartment houses. Here are some advises that can help your pet to overcome this fear of stairs.
  1. Find the stairs with wide steps and start training your dog from the middle of the stairs.
  2. Keep your dog on a short leach and start going up and down looking at your pet so it trusts you.
  3. Still keeping a short leash help your dog to keep the balance if needed.
  4. If your dog started yelping don’t bother as first steps are never easy.
  5. Continue this task for 15-20 minutes until your dog starts to climb the steps on its own without hesitation.
If you are training a puppy, start from the first bottom step, take some treat in your hand and when your puppy will be brave enough to climb its first step give it a treat.

Continue doing the training the same way until your puppy climbs the last step. And never forget about the treat!

Normally, if your puppy can already descend the stairs climbing it won’t be a problem.


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