International Dog Show «The Great Novgorod 2016»

Show date: from 13 august 2016 to 14 august 2016
Regestration deadline: 01 May 2016 / 11 July 2016
Place: Russia, Veliky Novgorod
Club: «Elite»
Tel: (8162) 65-02-64, (8162) 61-85-25, (8162) 33-82-55
Entry form, information:
Results: 13-14 August 2016

Entry Fees:

Till 01.05.2016

1500 RUB (1000 RUB - Baby, puppies and veterans)

Till 11.07.2016

2000 RUB (1300 RUB - Baby, puppies and veterans)

By the letter of guarantee

2500 RUB (1500 RUB - Baby, puppies and veterans)


Registration for the Dog Show:

  • You can register by mail. Send a money order to the address: 173025 Veliky Novgorod, ul. Zelinsky, Building 48, Enclosure1, kv.72, Orischenko Ella Igorevna.
  • In the e-mail address: send a copy of the payment receipt, a copy of pedigree (league and working copies of certificates for the respective classes) and registration sheet.

The subject line must indicate the date of the Dog Show, dog breed, nickname and the exhibition class.

Judge list:

  • Butkiene Jurate (Lithuania)

  • Poletaeva Irina V. (Finland)

  • Popov Stefan (Bulgaria)

  • Borodajenko Natalija (Latvia)

  • Marina Volkova (Russia, Kursk)

  • Kosareva Olga (Russia)

Venue: Chudovskaya 7, Velikiy Novgorod, Russia


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