Plummer Terrier

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bright fiery red coper and rich red copper with white
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Pros Cons

  • sociable and affectionate

  • has minimal grooming requirements

  • excellent ratter

  • smart

  • ill-disposed to unfamiliar dogs and other types of animals

  • needs lots of physical and mental exercises


The Plummer Terrier is a keen-witted, bold, self-assured and energetic sporting dog, which is especially proficient in hunting various types of ground vermin. This relatively new breed from the Great Britain can become a wonderful four-legged friend for people who are willing to invest enough time into its socialization and obedience training.

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The Plummer Terrier is the fruit of the multiyear selective work of David Brian Plummer, a schoolteacher and avid hunter. During the 60s and 70s of the XX he used his pack of Russell-type Terriers to hunt rats and other vermin in the Midlands. His other passions were writing and dog breeding. In particular, David actively mated his dogs with Jack Russell Terriers of Seal Cottage Lines.

To further improve hunting skills and appearance of this new line of Terrier, David included other breeds in its gene pool. The Plummer Terrier owes its unique coat pattern to the Beagle but its sensitive nose as well as relentlessness in pursuit it inherited from the Fell Terrier and the Bull Terrier. The breed creator managed to produce such outstanding exemplars of Terriers as Vampire, his brother Warlock, sister Beltane and Omega, which appeared as the result of crossing Vampire with Janey (its daughter). These canines are still considered to have all necessary traits that should have a perfect Plummer terrier.

In 1985 Brian Plummer got seriously ill and had to hand over the responsibility of subsequent development and promotion of his strain of Terriers to his loyal friends. By now several different breed clubs have created several various standards of the Plummer Terrier but they all are generally founded on the original description outlined by Dr. D. B. Plummer.

Unlike many modern canine varieties, the breed members are actively utilized in their initial role of an excellent rat exterminator. Nonetheless the Plummer Terrier almost unknown outside its native country and hasn’t yet gained recognition of any reputable international club.


The character of the Plummer Terrier is similar to other Terrier-type dogs. This lively and smart breed enjoys being the part of a human family but needs strong master to learn its place in the packing order. It stands out for incredible vigour so it’s happy to play with familiar kids all day long. Of course, the breed has somewhat hasty disposition so explain your child that it must never pull the dog by its hair or coat and avoid bothering it while it’s eating.

The Plummer Terrier behaves itself restrainedly around strangers and without early socialization it can show outright aggression to them. An exceptionally keen hearing and good nose make this breed a very effective watcher, which will reliably notify its owners about any suspicious activity near their dwelling. However it’s probably too small and unthreatening to be entrusted with guarding duties.

The most of Plummer Terriers have embittered relations with their counterparts of the same sex. This dog seems to have rather week idea of its true size so it’s prone to fearlessly attack much stronger rival and never backs down from a conflict. Make sure to closely observe communication of your pet with strange canines. The breed is keen on chasing every stray cat and should be thoroughly socialized in order to be kept in the same household with non-canine pets.

Health Problems

The most common problems for the breed include:

· hip dysplasia;

· patellar luxation;

· ear infections.


The grooming of the Plummer Terrier is a very easy task. The master should brush short yet dense coat of his pet once or twice a week to maintain it in a spotless condition. The breed loses hair on on-going basis and goes through intensive shedding in the spring and fall. During these times daily brushing is very instrumental in minimizing the amount of the dog’s fur in the house.

Make sure to regular clean the ears of your Terrier otherwise they will eventually get infected. Teeth brushing should be performed at least once a week in order to prevent the development of tartar and nasty bacteria.


The Plummer Terrier is a bright yet somewhat self-willed dog whose training usually takes moderate amount of efforts. It will never obey the handler if he fails to earn its recognition as an unconditional leader. This dog is marked by inquisitive mind and usually greatly enjoys learning process. Several pieces of your pets’ favourite food and occasional praise are enough to keep up its motivation.

Thanks to their quick-wittedness, dexterity and natural willingness to please, many breed members participate with flying colours in various canine competitions, especially in agility trials and flyball. Have in mind though that the Plummer Terrier doesn’t respond adequately to negative reinforcement so such training methods should be avoided as much as possible.


The Plummer Terrier is full of energy that should be properly channelled on the daily basis. This dog has above-average exercise requirements and should spend minimum an hour per day playing and roaming in a well-fenced yard. It’s also very smart and needs regular stimulation for its mind otherwise it may begin to misbehave indoors.

Make sure to offer your pet enough opportunities to blow off steam by taking it for long hikes or bicyclic ride. Without proper amount of physical and mental exercises this dog will grow into habits of causeless barking and hyper active behaviour.