Medium Griffon Vendeen (Briquet Griffon Vendeen)

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tricolor (fawn, black & white), white & black, black & tan, white & orange, fawn with black overlay
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Pros Cons

  • loyal and out-going

  • unpretentious in grooming

  • versatile hunter

  • good watcher

  • independent and stubborn

  • needs lots of physical activity and mental stimulation

  • not for a novice owner


The Briquet Griffon Vendeen is a sporting dog with athletic body and loyal nature that was created in the Medieval France. The breed is endowed with outstanding hunting instincts and excels in tracking and agility. The main thing is that it can become a wonderful pet for everyone who is ready to provide it with enough vents for its impetuous vigour.


The history of the Briquet Griffon Vendeen began in France where this dog and other three varieties of the Griffon Vendeen were developed as multifunctional hunters in the XVI century. Specifically, it’s speculated that this dog was created in the La Vendeen, the region situated in the west coast of this country. The distant forebear of this breed was the Vendeen Hound of Gris de St. Louis although it’s universally accepted that the modern Medium Griffon Vendeen appeared as the result of crossing the white Southern Hound with various Italian coarse-haired canines.

Substantial contribution to the breed’s development was made by the clerk of King Louis XII, or «greffier», so the dog may have been granted with its name in honour of this early breeder. Several hounds were presented to the king and were subsequently nicknamed «Chiens Blancs du Roi», that means «the King's White Hounds». The Briquet Griffon Vendeen is a reduced and enhanced version of the Grand Griffon Vendeen that stands out for more harmonious physique and excellent hunting talents.

The French Revolution brought all four Griffon Vendeens to the verge of extinction but thankfully their remained devoted fanciers continued breeding process and gradually restored their number. The Medium Griffon Vendeen was particularly great at hunting hare and other small game although, as hunting suffered a significant loss of popularity, the breed correspondingly lost its primary appropriation. The further reduction of the breed’s population was caused by the Second World War.

Today the Briquet Griffon is moderately popular with hunters in the Vendee region of France but it’s fairly uncommon in other parts of this country and all the more in the rest of the world. Nonetheless its easy-going disposition and distinctive appearance won this dog quite a few followers in the role of a companion animal. The breed has recognition of such reputable canine organisations as the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and the United Kennel Club (UKC).


The Medium Griffon Vendeen is an independent, vigilant, vigorous and intrepid hunter that usually makes a wonderful addition to an active family. Be aware that this dog needs a great deal of obedience training to keep its propensity to dig and bark under control. Humans become the pack for this dog and it usually takes hard parting with its masters. So it’s rather unwise to acquire this breed if you can’t provide your pet with enough communication. On the whole it’s alright with children although some of its specimens are too impatient and hot-tempered to be fully trusted around toddlers.

The Briquet Griffon Vendeen displays amicable attitude to strange people and even tends to express its excitement from meeting a potential playmate too exuberantly. Despite such friendliness this dog is very alert and attentive and can be charged with the duties of a watcher. But this breed is only capable of warning its masters about some unusual activity near the house and would rather warmly greet an unwelcome guest than attack him. So it doesn’t suit for the role of a guardian.

The Medium Griffon Vendeen is accustomed to hunt side-to-side with its counterparts and therefore usually gets on well with other dogs. Strong, sell-willed and dominant, it can sometimes come up against strange canines in order to prove its alpha position. Prey drive is very well-expressed in this breed and it will most likely view all street cats and other creatures as game. At the same time it’s commonly accepting of those individual non-canine pets with which it has been correctly socialised in an early age.

Health Problems

The most common problems for the breed include:

· patella luxation;

· eye problems;

· aseptic meningitis;

· ear infections;

· canine hip dysplasia;

· patellar luxation.


The Medium Griffon Vendeen is an easy-to-care-for breed. Only weekly brushing is needed to keep up a naturally rustic look of this dog and prevent any tangles or mats from forming. Make sure to regularly brush off from the dog’s belly and legs any thorn or debris that it can collect while being walked. Rich shaggy coat of this breed doesn’t require any trimming since this procedure can destroy its natural beauty.

The owner must periodically inspect and clean the ears of his pet to stave off ears infections or irritation. The rest is a standard care that consists of systematic nail clipping, rare bathing and weekly teeth brushing.


The training of the Briquet Griffon Vendeen represents a significant challenge since this dog has stubborn and independent streak in its character. Its trainer should have certain experience in the work with hounds, which are usually notable for obstinacy. Moreover he must be recognised by this dog as a strong leader, otherwise he will have little chance to attain its obedience.

The Briquet Griffon Vendeen responds well exclusively to reward-based training, which places emphasis on its favourite treats. It’s absolutely pointless to use physical enforcement or punishments during the training session since these methods will have a boomerang effect and make your Medium Griffon Vendeen even more wilful.


The Medium Griffon Vendeen is a well-build and sturdy breed that needs lots of physical exercise to keep itself in shape. Moreover it’s endowed with inquisitive mind, which also requires regular stimulation. It won’t become a good apartment dog, as it must have an opportunity to run off-leashed in a fenced yard each and every day.

It will be a great idea to enrol your Briquet Griffon Vendeen in an advanced agility course if the dog can’t give a vent to its excessive energy in hunting. Otherwise there is a high probability that it will develop penchants for unreasonable barking and destructiveness indoors.