Dog colours

agouti dilute colourroan
albino dominoruby
apricot fawnrusset
badger fleckedsable
fawn with white markings goldensaddle
beige greyseal
bi-colour grey and whitesesame
biscuit grizzlesilver
black harlequinsmoky
black and brindle ivorysolid colour
black and tan lightspeckled
black and tan with white light chockolate (cocoa)spotted
black saddle with tan liverstag red
blanket mahoganysteel-blue
blaze mantlesteel-grey
blue markingtan
blue and tan with white masktaupe
blue belton merletawny
blue-merle mottledticked
brown orangetricolour
bright paleuniform
brindle party-colouredwheaten
brindle-white patcheswhite
charcoal pepper and saltwhite with black patches
chockolate and tan piebaldwhite with chockolate patches
chockolate-brindle with white markings pigmentationwhite with chockolate-brindle patches
chockolate-white pinkwhite with red patches
chocolate pink and blackwhiteandbuff
cream pink and goldwild boar
dapple pink and greywolf-sable
dark pink and redyellow
dark chockolate pinto
dark chockolate-white red
dark grizzle saddle (black mixed with gray and white) red and white
dark red red with black mask
deadgrass red with black ticking


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