National Polish Welsh Corgi and Lankashire Heelers Show in Moshna

Show date: 27 april 2014
Regestration deadline: 31 March 2014
Place: Poland, Moshna
Club: Welsh Corgi club of the Polish Kennel Club main board
Rank: CAC
Tel: +48 77 456 44 76

Classes and fees:

Till 31.03After 31.03
First dog (with catalog)
40 EUR50 EUR
Every additional dog
30 EUR40 EUR
Young puppies, puppies, veterans
20 EUR30 EUR

Bank details:

Address of the bank: Citi Handlowy S.A., ul. Krakowska 1, 45-018 Opole

Only whole amount of the entry fees contained in the price list can be accepted.
We cannot take over the bank transfer costs.

Each dog payable regardless of whether brought to evaluation or not.

Please make the payment to our account at the time the entry forms being sent. Please indicate the dog (dogs) the payment refers to.

Online registration on National Show of Welsh Corgis and Lancashire Heelers

Judge of the National Show of Welsh Corgis and Lancashire Heelers:
Beata Petkevica, Latvia: (Welsh Corgi Cardigan, Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Lancashire Heeler).


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