Specialized Bavarian Mountain Hound and Hanoverian Scenthound Show 2016

Show date: 3 september 2016
Regestration deadline: 05 August 2016
Place: Czech Republic, Ujezd u cerne Hory
Club: Czech Bavarian hounds Club
Rank: CAC
Tel: +420 602-749-338, +420 572-577-823
Entry form, information:

Entry fees: 

Until 05 August 2016


for members of Club

for others

For the first dog

600 CZK

800 CZK

For every additional dog

400 CZK

600 CZK


300 CZK

300 CZK

Baby/Honorary class

200 CZK

200 CZK

Bank details:
0988146359 / 0800
Specify the name of the dog owner and the phone

Judges list:
Tadeáš Maślanka (CZE)
Pavel Zuzaník (CZE)

Venue: Újezd u Černé Hory 94, Czech Republic


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