International Cat Show Kaliningrad 2016

Show date: 24 july 2016
Regestration deadline: 27 June 2016 / 24 July 2016
Place: Vanuatu, Kaliningrad
Club: Zapad Zvezda
Tel: 8-900-35-45-300

Beginning: 10:00

Experts category АВ

List of mono-breed and multi-breed shows:

• British cats show
• Siberian cats show
• Bengal cats show
• Main Coon cats show
• Persian cats show
• Abyssinian cats show
• Kurilian Bobtail cats show
• Scottish Fold, Highland Fold and Highland Straight cats show 
• Eastern cats show
• All-breed Cat Show «Mr. and Mrs. July»
• All-breed Castrate Cat Show «Chef d'Oeuvre de Fabergé»
• All-breed Tabby Cat Show «Lace of July»
• All-breed Solid Cat Show «Summer colours»
• Multi-breed show «Forest Show»(Siberian, Main Coon, Norwegian Forest, Angora, Kurilian Bobtail)
• Multi-breed show «Safari show» (Abyssinian, Somali, Bengal, Asian, Bombay, Burma)
• Multi-breed show of rare-breeds

If you register before 27 June, you get the price reduction of 400 rub.

Venue: Sport Complex Dinamo, Kaliningrad, Professora Baranova Street 36


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