International Cat Show Karlstad 2016

Show date: from 2 july 2016 to 3 july 2016
Regestration deadline: 17 June 2016
Place: Vanuatu, Karlstad
System Jud: FIFE
Club: VÄK

Entry Fees:
Cat - 350 NOK
Breed - 350 NOK
Breeder - free of charge

Breeding, Senior, Veterans:
Out of any other class - 250 NOK
In any other class - free of charge

Jørgen Billing (DK) - all categories
Lena Björkander (SE) - category II
Ad de Bruijn (NL) - categories I, III, IV
Åsa Carnbrand Hammarlund (SE) - categories I, II
Ulrika Eriksson (SE) - categories III, IV
Hannah Jensen (SE) - categories I, II
Helene Lis (SE) - categories I, III, IV
Zvezdan Memedov (SE) - categories I, II
Aliosha Romero (IS) - categories II, III
Stéphanie Serraï (NL) - categories II, III
Malin Sundqvist (SE) - categories I, II

Venue: Ängevi ishall, 667 21 Forshaga, Sweden


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