International cat show «Golden Autumn - 2014»

Show date: from 15 november 2014 to 16 november 2014
Regestration deadline: 12 November 2014
Place: Vanuatu, Moscow
System Jud: WCF
Club: ICFU «Valensia»
License №: 141127
Tel: +(7916) 533-71-10, +(7499) 202-76-77
Entry form, information:

  • Tatiana Chernova (WCF-AB, Latvia),
  • Tamara Gulianskaia (WCF-AB, Russia),
  • Olga Beliaeva (WCF- AB, Russia),
  • Marina Putilina (WCF-AB, Russia) 
To register a particiopant you should either send a registration form filled in properly to e-mail or fill it on-line

Classes and fees:

До 20.10.2014
2 shows
20.10 — 12.11.2014
2 shows
Adult class (from 10 months):
3 000 RUR +300 RUR
Junior(6-10), kittens(3-6), progeny classes 2 800 RUR +300 RUR
Premiors, Honorary class, Veterans, Newbies, Home cats 2500 RUR +300 RUR
WCF rings 500 RUR
(1 ring)

Monobreed shows

500 RUR
In case of registration 3 and more cats of the same owner – 10% discount.

Payment details:
You can pay entry fee via CONTACT transfer system.

Beneficiary: Putilin Dmitrii Sergeevich, RF, Moscow region, Mytishchi. Mobile phone +7(916)533-71-10.

After making payment please send transfer number, amount and your surname via e-mail or SMS +7(916)533-71-10. You can also use on-line transfer confirmation form

Venue: 18 Generala belova str., Moscow


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