“This is the most wonderful show organization during all FCI history”, Rafael De Santiago, the FCI President

Day number 1, Thursday, 23 June 2016

The first day of every dog show is always the most nervous one. Especially, in the morning. Everyone is fist time at place, everyone looking for vet control, or accreditation, or rings... Even if the organizers provided printed materials with ring plans and map of the show no one could find them at first place.

The cheerful and nervous morning near Crocus-City began for us, journalists, at about 9-30 a.m. We gathered together and were looking for accreditation which place the security, unfortunately, didn’t know, but promised to let us in as soon as we have badges. At last, the smart volunteer suggested us to go to the vet control and ask them. We thought this to be a reasonable idea and rushed towards vet control, as till the time when all rings start (10 a.m.) were only 5 minutes left. At the registration stand became clear that something unpredictable happened with our badges, which were given, but the names were wrong and there was no promised photo on them. Though by that time none cared, everybody wanted to enter halls on time. So, we picked our badges and went inside.

And here again I was lost... Probably, everyone felt lost a little bit, which always happens at first moment when you plunge into dozens of rings. Where to go? What pictures to take? With whom take an interview?..

With the nearest, if you don’t want to loose your time!

And the nearest appeared to be Huskies and their junior ring. Their first congener met us outside near the entrance – apparently, went for a short walk.

Some were performing in the ring, some were still preparing... Sometimes, most interesting things happen beside rings, and we went to shoot the process of dog preparation for the most important show of the year. Some dogs were groomed, some were rehearsing moves in the ring, and some were sitting with proud of indifferent muzzles – in cages, on a chair, or on a grooming table. And everybody was tranquil. To sum up, the total impression of the first day, in spite of all morning problems – the tranquility, which rejoiced.

Through technical problems also took place, for example, online translation from some rings didn’t work properly, and Internet failed from time to time. Unfortunately, technical problems are very hard to totally avoid, and they not always happen because of the faults of organizers. But one can also understand the complaints of those people who were waiting to see their dogs online on screen. Many breeders and owners were at breed stands and talked to guest of the show, while handlers were performing with their dogs in a ring, and, of course, they were worried about their pets.

By the middle of the day the technical problems were conquered and all the online translations went in normal regime. The official opening ceremony of WDS 2016 and the Main Ring had to start at 15 p.m.

Although it started with almost an hour delay, it was worth waiting! According to the opinion of many of representatives from other countries, especially from former USSSR, the WDS 2016 in Moscow is very impressive, which, of course, is a great advantage of this show, as well as chosen halls that are spacious enough and have place for everyone. And also it is cool inside, which is great in such wheatear conditions. This fact is especially important for dogs, and for their comfort many other things were done. There were organized walking places for dogs, cleaning in hall if “trouble” happens; there is also a possibility to find a calm and almost empty corridor in the spacious Crocus Expo.

This was only the first day of the doggy festival in Crocus Expo. The WDS 2016 will be 3 more days, and if you want to see the most beautiful dogs of the world live, talk to their owners or breeders, you still have a chance to do it! Tickets to the show cost from 700 rubles, for children from 300 rubs, which is not such a high price for an entertainment in Moscow.

Day number 2, Friday, 24 June 2016

“This is the most wonderful show organization during all FCI history”, Rafael De Santiago, the FCI President.

I think that these words mean a lot to Russian cynological world. This is the acknowledgement that “we set the standard of a certain height, which many won’t be able to reach for a long time”, - Inshakov A.I., the RKF President. And in fact, all the problems of the first day of the show were solved on the second day. And there was more time to look around, listen what participants and judges say, see more rings.

And there were things to see!

But on the way to rings there was also something to evaluate. Already yesterday I noticed that this is the cleanest dog show I ever seen! The organizers provided such a number of cleaning stuff that, in spite of so many dogs and Moscow heat, the air in all halls was clean and fresh. Some people who have never been on a big dog show might say that this is not an outmost important thing. But it is, and most participants were mentioning this “little thing” as a huge advantage of the show.

On the second day I decided to change the hall from yesterdays’ 13, where I spent most of the show, to 15, where first dogs I saw were Czechoslovakian Vlcaks. Their ring had to start at 10 a.m. and at this time sharply the first dog entered the blue carpet. After that to leave the Vlcaks’ ring was almost impossible. This gorgeous dog that looks like a wolf is absolutely stunning. Its moves are not less unique than its appearance. A while ago, the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog was very hard to find in Russia, but this time in the ring most of the dogs were local. Of course, one of the reasons it the place of WDS 2016, but only few years ago there were simply not so many dogs of this breed in Russia.

After Vlcaks followed the breed, which I saw only in pictures before – the White Polish Shepherd, as people sometimes nickname it. But in fact the official name of the breed is the Polski Owczarek Podhalanski, and this is one of the main national breeds of Poland. In their home country the breed members can be met very often and perform the same duties as the German Shepherd does. In Poland the Polski Owczarek Podhalanski even gained the government support that was held under the slogan “Polish dog in every Polish home”. And here on WDS 2016, their ring was also one of the most numerous ones. This huge white sea of dogs prepared to the show, flowed into the ring and then flowed back giving way to the next “wave”. And then, tired of attention they rested in a big pack lying in one of the furthers corridors of Crocus Expo. When I realized that I was almost ready to go home with the puppy of one of this beautiful Polski Owczarek Podhalanski, I understood that it was time to change the location.

I headed for halls 7 and 8 that were in the next building. There I found the Dachshund rings after which the East-European Shepherd began. This breed is still not recognized by the FCI, but the RKF recognizes it, and this ring was held in terms of the All-Russian Dog Show that is the part of the WDS 2016. The main rings of the WDS 2016 are in halls 13, 14, and 15.

East-European Shepherds were very different, luckily it is accepted by the standard. There were big bony dogs, delicate lean ones and those whose phenotype had nothing in common with German Shepherds. In general, these differences we can see because of different breed lines: some are show dogs, while others are working dogs.

On my way back I saw a very sweet scene: two girls were have a snack in a street cafe, and their White Swiss Shepherd was with them. And their gorgeous white beauty seemed to be a real third friend in their company, as it was sitting on the lap of one of the girls listening to their conversation attentively and looking what tasty things it can have from their table.

When I came back to the main building in the hall 13 the “Shepherd theme” continued with an interesting talk-and-quiz of the expert of German Shepherds. This was at Royal Canin stand where I spent about half an hour. After German Shepherds they talked about Yorkshire Terrier and the Dachshund. I thought that I couldn’t know anything interesting about these breeds, but I was wrong. For example, the lap dog Yorkie is, in fact, a hunting breed and it was the first dog to step on the continent that today we know as USA. So, if you want to know something new about different breeds go to Royal Canin stand in the second half of the day, where you can not inly listen to stories about dogs, but also to participate in a quiz and win something tasty for your beloved pet.

While in halls rings were working, on the Main Rings was The World Championship for Dog Dancing. This day was Freestyle, and all the performances were brilliant. But with no doubt one girl impressed the audience the most. She was performing with Laekenois in military style: the energetic music set the tone, and the perfect synchronism and uniqueness of artists themselves made the audience stand up and applaud after they finished.

Day number 3, Saturday, 25 June 2016

The third day I spent talking to participants of the show, not dogs but people who represented goods that dogs need.

I was surprised not to see some of the world known trade marks, like Purina, but others gave me a lot of interesting information about their products and “newcomers” to pet market.

At the Frontline stand I saw the completely new type of medicine against flees and ticks, which is given to dogs like dainties. This method lets owners to avoid traditional problems, like keeping a dog off water for some time or watch your pet carefully so that the medicine won’t be licked off the fur (owners with more that one pet know that this might be a real problem!). And to give this medicine to your dog is, of course, much easier, as your pet will be ready to eat it itself and even ask for more. Though, for cats this form is not yet prepared, so your can give this tasty pill to dogs only, for cats they are prohibited, but Frontline promised to make the cat analogue.

At the stand of veterinary genetic laboratory Zoogen I heard a lot of interesting information about pets’ genetics and on our website you will soon find joint materials, first of which will be devoted to colour genetics of modern dog breeds.

Other future materials will become the results of cooperation with another exponent – Zoetis that provides such popular medicament as Stronghold. Their another fairly new medicament lets to solve one of the most unpleasant problems among pets – itching, no matter what causes it. Of course, it doesn’t cure, but it helps to reduce this symptom till time you visit your vet.

In general, I was very pleased by the common tendency of modern pet pharmacy to create medicaments that will be easy to use and will help to keep a dog healthy.

And to finish the report of the third day – some humour. Almost at every big stand one could fill in the form and get a little souvenir. The aim is obvious – companies collect information about potential customers and inform about their product afterwards. In all forms you have to choose who you are – simply an owner, breeder or someone else, but there was not dog trainer or cynologist in this list. So, I had problems filling in these forms to solve which I had to ask company managers what should I write? I am the owner of a dog that participates in breeding programs, but I am not a breeder, so to say I don’t work as breeder, I am a cynologist and dog trainer.

Most managers proposed me to choose breeder and to write next to it my real profession. Especially interesting this situation was at Eukanuba stand, where girl managers went to the top-manager to solve this “problem”. The top-manager looked very confused, apologized to me and gave a packet of nutrition for my dog. But this it not the point... What I really wanted to say is that dog training is important for every dog, even for those that will never work. Dog training makes your dog obedient and therefore your pet will be save and comfortable in social environment.

Day number 4, Sunday, 26 June 2016

On the last day I managed to see only two rings – Hovawarts and Caucasian Shepherds, after which all the journalist were invited to the Main Ring where should have started the main competitions of the show.

Before this day, I didn’t have an opportunity to meet the Hovawart breed, and my first impression of these dogs is very positive. This is a very beautiful breed with great working potential that one can see even in show breed members. However, this is not a surprise, because these dogs like Vlcaks normally enter the show only after they went through working trials.

The next part of an article I wrote sitting at the Main Ring and watching the most important event in a dog world – the BIS of the World Dog Show 2016. No doubt that this show is very important for Russian cynology, because it is the first time when the WDS is situated in Russia, and the year 2016 is the 25 Jubilee of RKF and 105 Jubilee of WDS.


The Main Ring program began in the morning with final of the Dog Dancing Championship, and then final of the Junior Handling competition followed.

The winner and the Best Junior handler became the Russian 17-year old Darya Moiseeva with Riesenschnauzer.

At the same time judges at rings continued their work and chose best breed representatives of FCI group 2. They were finished only by 2 p.m. and all the winners began their preparation for the Main Ring where soon will be known the Best Junior and the Best Dog of the World Dog Show 2016.

The closing ceremony began with flag transmission to representatives of the country where the next WDS will be held. The RKF representatives gave flag to VDH president Peter Friedrich because next championship will be in November 2017 in Leipzig, Germany.

The RKF president Inchakov A.I. gave a memorable present to FCI president Rafael De Santiago – the statue of the Borzoi, the WDS 2016 symbol, which now will be placed in the FCI museum.

There were 26 500 dogs from 70 countries on WDS 2016 in Moscow, and on this memorable day the best of the best are entering the Main Ring, where the absolute winner will be chosen.

The first time in the WDS history we saw all dogs that were chosen to be the best in their breed all together in the ring under the lead of Borzoi when the Russian singer v Sergey Lazarev, who won the Eurovision contest 2016 according to people voting results, performed.

And the final rings follow...

All the best in show winners you can see in Results section of our website – WDS 2016 Winners

Best in Show began at 6:30 p.m. with the Best Junior competition that was judged by FCI president Rafael De Santiago. The ring entered junior winners of every FCI group, 10 completely different dogs, out of which Mr. Santiago had to choose only one that gets the title of the Best Junior of WDS 2016.

After the junior competition begins, of course, the main culmination of the show, the best of the best – the Best Dog of the WDS 2016. In the ring we see winners of 10 FCI group: the White Swiss Shepherd, the Black Russian Terrier, the Kerry Blue Terrier, the Dachshund rabbit wire-haired, the Pharaoh Hound, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, the Weimaraner, the American Cocker Spaniel, the Maltese, and the Afghan Hound.

The honour to judge this completion was granted to the creator and first RKF president Evgeny Erusalimsky. When he entered the ring the audience stood up with load applause. He finished his 50-year judging carrier two years ago, but the RKF invited Mr. Erusalimsky to WDS 2016 and he came back just for one day to judge the main competition of this show.

After highly professional expertise all ten contenders leave the ring and the audience is silently waiting for the results. Mr. Erusalimsky wanted to tell show hostess the winners, but she shakes her head and tells him something... And the expert writes the winners himself. Before that the hostess wrote all the results herself and announced them afterwards.

Finally, the winners enter the ring: the Rhodesian Ridgeback on 4th place, the Weimaraner on 3d place, the American Cocker Spaniel on 2d place and the winner is... all the photographers are ready to memorize the winner by their cameras, but another person is invited into the ring to take his place beside Mr. Erusalimsky and Mr. Inshakov – Mr. Santiago.

And only after that everybody draws applause for the BLACK RUSSIAN TERRIER – THE BEST DOG OF THE WDS 2016!

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Author: Alena Morgunovskaya

Translation: Nadya Iarovaya

Photo: Alena Morgunovskaya, Julia Silina



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