This rescue dog was saved from being put down - and is now a star canine cop

Cute pitbull cross Libby had been searching for a home for two years, but because of her breed, she was unlucky. Libby was days away from being put down, and it looked like there was no hope left for a pooch. All of her littermates had met the same fate, being destroyed because no one wanted to take in a pit bull. However, Libby's luck looked up when Constable Jesse Bullinger decided to look for a new police dog, as his was about to go into retirement. Libby was an unusual choice, because police dogs are usually pure breeds, but her potential was spotted by Marcia Pottier, who runs a non profit organisation aimed at saving dogs from death row and training them to be police dogs. • Dog learns how to trampoline over fence She was rescued from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Texas after Marcia Pottier spotted something special about her. Pottier said that the pooch was "high-energy" and the way that she chased the water hose in the garden showed that she had the enthusiam to be a canine cop. • This pug that never grows could be the world's smallest dog Police dogs are usually specially bred and trained, and can cost up to $9,700. Libby was free, she was just happy to have been spared from death, and she is clever enough without needing a pedigree to prove it. Her trainers were impressed by her ability to perform difficult tasks, like finding hidden tennis balls at speed. Libby has been used on drug raids- she has a very keen nose She's now an incredible police dog, and can sniff out a variety of drugs, including cannabis, heroin and methamphetamine. Her training has gone incredibly well, and she has now taken part in drug raids. You can find information about what she is up to- and a wealth of cute pictures- on her Facebook page. Libby is a valuable asset to the police force, and a good friend to Jesse Bullinger. This heartwarming story really does have a happy ending for everyone- except, perhaps, the criminals that Libby is helping to catch.



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