The last countdown of the annual European Dog Show has begun

Tomorrow, in Czech Republic will start the significant event for all professional breeders as well as pet lovers. This year, exhibitors from more than 25 countries are awaited, the total number of registered dogs is about 21.000. The Annual European Dog Show in Brno will be held four days and is divided by groups:
  • 23 October (thursday) FCI-groups I, IV, V
  • 24 October (friday) FCI-groups III, VI, X
  • 25 October (saturday) II and non-FCI groups
  • 26 October (sunday) FCI-groups VII, VIII, IX
Don't forget that the time will change on the night from Saturday (25 October) to Sunday (26 October) for an hour earlier, so to say 3 a.m. will turn to 2 a.m.

List of breeds participating in a show you can find here
Schedule and list of judges - here

Entry fees for visitors:

basic entry100, - Kč
kids, seniors50,- Kč
family (2 adults, 2 kids)200,- Kč

The team of our site will keep track of all events of the show in Brno with maximum attention and inform you in time, also you can follow us on facebook and twitter

European Dog Show 2014 Brno official guide




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