Dog Shows 6 - 9 June 2014

Dog shows coming this week-end. Two International Dog Shows in Russia, either National and Clubs Shows.

In Russia 6th - 8th June will take place two International Dog Shows in Noworosyjsk and Irkutsk:

International Dog Show «Pearl of Black Sea Cost - 2014»
International Dog Show «Baikal-Summer 2014»

In Belarus, will be Republican Dog Shows, 7th and 8th June:

Republican Dog Show in Baranovichi
Republican Dog Show in Bobruisk

Lithuania, Palanga 

National All Breed Dog Show

In Riga, Latvia 6th - 8th June will held:

International Dog Show in Riga
Mono-breed Dog Show - Cane Corso

A lot of Dog Shows will take place in different parts of Poland:

And at the end in Germany we waiting for Double CACIB 8th - 9th June:

International Dog Show in Saarbrucken
National Dog Show in Saarbrucken

We are waiting for results. 

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