BIS CACIB Celje (Slovenia), Saturday, 20 February 2016 (photo)

Best Junior Handler 9-12 years

1 Place - Korošec Matjaž
2 Place - Klojčnik Petja
3 Place - Brambilla Andrea
4 Place - Korošec Gregor
5 Place - Mezek Nika

Best Junior Handler 13-17 years

1 Place - Kochkurova Yulia
2 Place - Korošec Maša
3 Place - Gajzer Ana
4 Place - Kovačič Chiara
5 Place - Kelb Johana Herta

Best Minor Puppy

1 Place - Siberian Husky Gem in the Sky to Lifestyle (Italy)
2 Place - Tibetan Spaniel Lobsang Fetching Little Star (Slovenia)
3 Place - Alaskan Malamute Themagician Moet Chandon (Italy)

Best Puppy

1 Place - Pyrenean Mountain Dog (Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées) Casque Patou de L'Orri (Croatia)
2 Place - Lhasa Apso Shut up and Kiss me dell'Alberico (Italy)
3 Place - Welsh Corgi Pembroke Penelope Pems Passion (Italy)

Best Brace

1 Place - Puli Bubbleton Bollinger, Bubbleton First `N Funmost (Lithuania)
2 Place - Pug (Mops) Of Hyrule Paco (Croatia)
3 Place - Bernese Mountain Dog (Berner Sennenhund) Luribee`s Lord of the Rings, Devael Absolutely Beautiful (Slovenia)

Best Veteran

1 Place - Chow Chow Tin Pan Alley Can Can Charlie (Slovenia)
2 Place - Siberian Husky Venus de Milo of Nordica (Austria)
3 Place - Dalmatian (Dalmatinski pas) Pantera Unica Carina (Italy)

Best Breeders' group

1 Place - Pug (Mops) Of Hyrule Paco, Of Hyrule Roma, Of Hyrule Pieces of Heart (Croatia)
2 Place - West Highland White Terrier Brigoree Dream of my Life, Brigoree Bolero, Brigoree Blondie (Slovenia)
3 Place - Karst Shepherd Dog (Kraški ovčar) Ch Slo Nil, Tisa Lumivikova (Slovenia)

FCI group I

1 Place - Australian Shepherd Bayouland's Hot N Mangry (Croatia)
2 Place - Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail) Bottom Shaker Zephyr Dream (Hungary)
3 Place - Welsh Corgi Pembroke Lord of the Light (Slovenia)

FCI group II

1 Place - English Bulldog (Bulldog) Seehurst Hands of Stone (Spain)
2 Place - Newfoundland Dark Pride Vuiton (Russia)
3 Place - Miniature Schnauzer (Zwergschnauzer) black, Mirta's Haus Classic Style (Croatia)

FCI group III

1 Place - Jack Russell Terrier Algrafs Atos (Italy)
2 Place - Airedale Terrier Falcon Fire Terry Red Nokomis (Croatia)
3 Place - Miniature Bull Terrier Game on Terra Viva (Austria)

FCI group IV

1 Place - Dachshund rabbit long-haired, Della Winner Canis of Czech (Czech Republic)
2 Place - Dachshund miniature wire-haired, Monsters inc Duchess d'Excellence (Russia)
3 Place - Dachshund miniature smooth-haired, Imperial Idefix del Conteverde (Italy)

FCI group V

1 Place - American Akita Indevor Dance With Me (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
2 Place - Pomeranian (Zwergspitz) Pom Galaxy Star (Slovenia)
3 Place - Chow Chow Tin Pan Alley Can Can Charlie (Slovenia)

FCI group VI

1 Place - Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen) Black Majesty Gives u Goose Bumps (Croatia)
2 Place - Rhodesian Ridgeback Kifahari Kuzzaa Gamba (Germany)
3 Place - Dalmatian (Dalmatinski pas) Panthera Unica Carina

FCI group VII

1 Place - English Setter Latin Lover Michaela (Italy)
2 Place - Irish Setter (Irish Red Setter) I'll Fly With You Degli Angeli Rossi (Italy)

FCI group VIII

1 Place - American Cocker Spaniel Dsquared Deigini (Italy)
2 Place - Portuguese Water Dog (Cão de Agua Português) Sweet Obsession Charming Lady (Croatia)
3 Place - English Cocker Spaniel Della Fiumana Serenata Rap (Croatia)

FCI group IX

1 Place - Poodle (Caniche) standard black, Atastar Miss Money Penny (Croatia)
2 Place - Maltese World in My Eyes Valentina's Magic (Slovenia)
3 Place - Chinese Crested Dog Vanitonia More of That (Italy)

FCI group X

1 Place - Afghan Hound El Roalito Easygoing (Germany)
2 Place - Whippet Emploi Fictif du Sac a Malices (Italy)
3 Place - Sloughi (Arabian Greyhound) Bersheba's Chamis (Switzerland)

Best Junior

1 Place - Siberian Husky Day of Futurepast della Vanisella (Italy)
2 Place - German Spitz (Deutscher Spitz) Majestic Poms Blessed Princes (Slovenia)
3 Place - American Staffordshire Terrier The Queen of Trieste King's Line (Italy)

Best in Show (BIS)

1 Place - Poodle (Caniche) standard black, Atastar Miss Money Penny
2 Place - Afghan Hound El Roalito Easygoing (Germany)
3 Place - American Akita Indevor Dance With Me (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Photographer: ©g.Darko Korošec




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