BIS IDS «Amsterdam Winner Show 2016» (The Netherlands), 10-11 December 2016 (BIS Photos)

FCI group I

1 Place — Bearded Collie Beardie Connections Kenji, owner - M.C.H.B. Otto
2 Place — Berger Picard (Berger de Picardie) James-Jorique d'Ered Luin, owner - A. Mastenbroek
3 Place — Pumi Pumidoro Splinter at Longsdyle, owner - A. Doyle

FCI group II

1 Place — Leonberger Namupalan Bling Smack Chap, owner - J. Junehall
2 Place — Giant Schnauzer (Riesenschnauzer) black, Gently Born Chilli Pepper, owner - G. Nemanic
3 Place — Pyrenean Mountain Dog (Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées) Maclou du Val de Pyrene, owner - K. Holtappels

FCI group III

1 Place — Scottish Terrier (Scottie) Gemma Stonehenge Hadys Nottage Hill Shiraz, owner - M. Khenkina
2 Place — Fox Terrier (Wire) Joker des Astucieux de Kerlabour, owner - A.C. Christ
3 Place — Fox Terrier (Smooth) Neklan Od Rytire Malovce, owner - C.A.F. Warmenhoven

FCI group IV

1 Place — Dachshund miniature smooth-haired, Minidogland Tage After Sun, owner - P. Meier
2 Place — Dachshund rabbit long-haired, Amon of the Aladna's Home, owner - M.A. Wildeboer
3 Place — Dachshund miniature long-hired, Ioannis d'Hollywood Tecke, owner - M. Oudshoorn

FCI group V

1 Place — Chow Chow King of Egypt de los Perros de Bigo, owner - N. Vigo-Navajon
2 Place — Basenji Akuaba N Eldorado Rhythm of the Night, owner - A. Alaerts

FCI group VI

1 Place — Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen) Palomino du Greffier du Roi, owner - J. Huisman
2 Place — Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen) Soletrader Magic Mike, owner - S. Robertson
3 Place — Bloodhound (Chien de Saint-Hubert) Loamy Lane Meghan, owner - L. van der Sichel

FCI group VII

1 Place — English Pointer Dansk Dynasty Kyran, owner - J.E.M. Konijnenburg-Grootens
2 Place — German Shorthaired Pointing Dog (Deutsch Kurzhaar) Neige du Batardeau, owner - S. Houfflain
3 Place — Gordon Setter Farquharson's Night'Cause, owner - J.C. Lümmen

FCI group VIII

1 Place — Labrador Retriever Yahoo Asti Mondoro, owner - E. Yermilova
2 Place — English Cocker Spaniel Gallinagos Cause Nothing Compares, owner - D. Piljevic
3 Place — Golden Retriever O'de Parfum Of Sweetmeat's, owner - M.R. Santy

FCI group IX

1 Place — Boston Terrier Bogerudmyra's Yda, owner - M. Sunde
2 Place — Lhasa Apso Close To Perfection Next To You, owner - M. Radstok
3 Place — Chinese Crested Dog Happy Dancing Chapeau Dancer, owner - P.E.E. v. Oosten

FCI group X

1 Place — Whippet Crème Anglaise's Pantomime, owner - J.W. Akerboom-van der Schaaf
2 Place — Irish Wolfhound O'Coolio of First Avenue, owner - G. Janssens
3 Place — Afghan Hound Shaira Bint Benasid v. Haussman, owner - E. Heilmann

Best in Show (BIS)

1 Place — Chow Chow King of Egypt de los Perros de Bigo, owner - N. Vigo-Navajon

Best Junior Handler

Detailed Results: here

Photo: © Ernst von Scheven




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