Advertising Kittens for Sale Show (Kaliningrad), Sunday, 12 June 2016 (Photo)

Spectators Prize

1 Place — Maine Coon Vasko de Coon Amurskiy, owner - Kudrina
2 Place — Scottish Fold Short-Haired Marmaris, owner - Pyayina
3 Place — Benglal Delphina, owner - Mihailova

Best Female Cat

1 Place — Cornish Rex Colombiana Veter Swobody, owner - Salihova E.

Best Male Cat

1 Place — Benglal Khariton, owner - Zentsova I.

On the 25th cat show, organised by the feline club "Favorit" (Kaliningrad, Russia), WCF World Championships we granted to:

Maine Coon, male, red classic tabby/white, Ataman Summer Rain*Ru

Oriental Shorthair, male, red spotted tabby/white, Hokey Pokey Adoro*Lt

Чемпионы мира - Рекламная выставка кошек клуба Фаворит 12.06.2016

More photos from the Show in the Album - Cat show Kaliningrad 12.06.2016

All participants in the One Video

World Cat Champions



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