Mika Brzezinski's Daughter Is Getting A Kitten For Her Birthday

The Brzezinski family just got a little bigger.
During Friday's episode of "Morning Joe," Beth Stern -- a spokesperson for the North Shore Animal League of America and wife of radio shock jock Howard Stern -- presented Mika Brzezinski with a 6-week-old kitten to give to her daughter Emilie on her 19th birthday.  
“Emilie, it's not a puppy, but it's a kitty," Brzezinski said, handing her new pet over to co-host Joe Scarborough. "And Howard Stern is going to name it."
That's right. Howard Stern is going to name the Brzezinski's new kitten.
"Can he keep it clean?" Brzezinski asked, wisely.
"Howard will," Stern said. "I promise you, his names are so all-American."
As regular viewers of Morning Joe know, Brzezinski and Scarborough are incredibly fond of their felines. Brzezinski even pulled a cat out of her bag once live on air.
We're just hoping she gives this one a slightly more spacious home.



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