The Kennel Club’s campaign on dangerous dogs

The Kennel Club continues to lead the way in developing unique ways to further the debate on the future of dangerous dogs and focus on practical solutions for the next Government. Later in the year the Kennel Club will be speaking at several conferences o this issue.

We were pleased to host a roundtable meeting on the future of dangerous dogs legislation for which we were heavily oversubscribed. The meeting was the first of its kind in bringing together experts from across the veterinary and medical professions, the police, local authorities, government representatives, academics, sociologists and animal welfare charities, to share existing knowledge and information on dog bite incidents in order to develop a proposal for a new Government which would incorporate the need for a robust central database for the investigation of dog bite incidents, which could be fed into by relevant parties including vets, medics, the police and dog wardens. This would provide crucial data on the causes of dog bites and would enable more preventative measures to be implemented, such as required training for any dog which shows early signs of aggression. 




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