Keep Your Canine Cozy this Winter

Shifts in the seasons trigger joint discomfort in people and pets. This winter, ease your pup’s pain with these tips:
  • Trim nails-Nails that click the floor as the dog walks cause him to shift his weight unnaturally. This results in further stress on damaged joints. Nipping the tip of the nails weekly will alleviate undue stress and pain.
  • Monitor weight-Excess weight on joints is a recipe for worsening damage and symptoms. As a rule, weight is considered healthy when the dog’s ribs can be felt but not seen.
  • Exercise-Daily low-impact exercise is critical for dogs with joint disease. Exercise strengthens muscles that support and move joints and prevents muscle shrinkage. Strong muscles provide relief to the joints.
  • Soft warm place to lie-Warmth is soothing to aches, and cushioning in the form of a bed or blanket compensates for cushioning lost between bones and around joints. Providing your pet with a soft bed is a great way to make him comfortable.
  • Supplement or medicate-Veterinarians can recommend supplements or prescribe medications for mild to severe joint pain. Check with your vet to see which options are available for your dog.



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