Places for Agility

Места проведения аджилити

Agility competitions require substantial space. Each field typically has a size of no less than 20 x 30 m or 30 x 30 m; the exact dimensions may vary depending on the organization. The competition can be arranged on a single or on more than a dozen competition sites (rings) at the same time. The ground surface must be flat and, ideally, grassy, although other options are available as well.

Furthermore, participants require space for the equipment and dogs’ accommodation. When space allows, participants often set umbrella canopies or protective awning tents for shade. Dogs, being out of competition, are usually left alone in pens, crates or tents for dogs in a familiar, secure environment in which they can relax and recuperate between runs. Trainers sometimes bring special reflective covers to protect their pets from exposure to the sun. The space is as well necessary for dogs on leashes to walk or move them freely outside the ring, without creating a crowd, space for dogs’ warming up, exercising and toilet. Next to the accommodation site, the parking lot should be provided for all participants.

In densely populated areas it is quite difficult to find any cheap property to adjust it entirely under agility competition. Therefore, the site is usually rented only for the weekend. Even in suburban areas the territories reserved only for agility, are rare. The most popular sites include exhibition complexes, large parks, indoor riding arenas, and in cold regions – large, empty warehouses, covered with mats or carpets.