Ciobanesc Romanesc Corb (Romanian Raven Shepherd Dog)

Country of origin:
Height (cm):
Weight (kg):
Life span (years):
black; black on more than 80% of the body
very large
Hair length:
Recognized by:
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Good with kids:
Pros Cons

  • even-tempered

  • gets on well with kids

  • tolerates non-canine pets

  • fabulous guardian and dependable watcher

  • extremely wary of strangers

  • requires lots of vigorous physical exercises

  • needs a dominant owner


The Ciobanesc Romanesc Corb is a large, hardy and docile herding dog with a strong guarding instinct. In its native Romania steady and affectionate nature of this breed also called forth its wide popularity as a family pet. Nonetheless it’s certainly not for everyone because of its extensive exercise requirements and independent character.

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The Ciobanesc Romanesc Corb is the product of both natural selection and human breeding work. The breed was developed in the region of Meridional Carpathian Mountains and in the sub Carpathian areas (Dambovita, Arges, Prahova, Brasov). In the homeland it became famous for its excellent herding abilities. This dog not only very proficiently copes with sheep and cattle in steep mountains but it also reliably guards them from wild animals and looters.

The word «corb» in the breed’s name means «raven» and it received it because of its pitch-black coat. In actual fact in other countries it’s much better known as the Romanian Raven Shepherd dog than under its original nickname although its specimens can be very rarely found outside Carpathian region. Apart from being a great herder, Romanian stock-breeders also trust this immensely powerful and staunch canine with defending their families and houses from unwelcomed visitors. Moreover it successfully combines the field work with the responsibilities of a companion animal.

The first breed’s standard was drawn up in 1978 and since that time it was endorsed by the Asociatia Chinologica Romana (Romanian Cynological Association) Directory Council on 14 November 2008 and further improved on 19 February 2011.


The Ciobanesc Romanesc Corb is a sturdily built, dependable, vivid and inquisitive dog that has all necessary traits for becoming a wonderful pet. It’s prone to get deeply attached to its entire human family although most of the breed members prefer to listen to only one person whom they consider as a pack leader. Even small kids are perfectly secured in the presence of this breed and it always handles toddlers with extreme gentleness. In spite of such a stable and patient demeanour, standard socialisation is still a must for the Romanian Raven Shepherd dog especially if you want to keep it as an indoor dog.

Unfamiliar people are usually regarded by this canine as possible adversaries so it will never cordially welcome houseguests. Make sure to explain your pet the difference between aggressive actions and friendly greetings otherwise it may form a habit to immoderate barking as well as acquire other behavioural issues. This dog will fight with all its might to defend its territory and masters although in most case its formidable look is quite enough to deter an intruder. Thanks to its loud voice and innate vigilance, it’s also ideally suited for the role of a watcher.

In general, the Romanian Raven Shepherd is polite with its counterparts but it will never ignore belligerent behaviour of a strange dog. Another canine automatically becomes an enemy in the eyes of this excellent guardian if it invades its territory or attacks its masters. This breed possesses a hunting instinct of average intensity and can be easily trained to tolerate an individual household cat and other small pets.

Health Problems

· canine hip dysplasia;

· gastric torsion.


The coat of the Ciobanesc Romanesc Corb should receive minimal amount of care. Brush the fur of your pet occasionally in order to keep it free of tangles and mats. It’s recommended to bathe this dog only three-four times per year as water can destroy the layer of protective oils on its hair.

If the nails of your pet are clicking on the floor, they require trimming as soon as possible. The master should also brush the dog’s teeth every week and clean its ears when they look dirty.


The Romanian Raven Shepherd can be easily taught all basic commands since this dog is always willing to oblige its master. Moreover its quick wit makes the training process much simpler. It’s worth to know that such a confident and strong dog needs an equally strong and decisive handler who will be able to take a leadership role in their interaction.

Consistent approach in combination with positive reinforcement brings great progress in the work with this breed. It’s imperative to avoid any forms of maltreatment during the lessons and correct rare mistakes of your pet with a firm yet gentle voice.


As an excellent working dog the Romanian Raven Shepherd is endowed with both superb endurance and agility so it has rather heightened exercise requirements. An hour of energetic outdoor exercises is an absolute must for this breed if you want it to well-behave in the house. It’s commonly eager to become the part of any family events and will gladly accompany you in your daily morning jog.

The Ciobanesc Romanesc Corb who has to spend all day long on the couch will express its dissatisfaction with such a lifestyle by destructive actions and even outbursts of aggression.