Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon (Cesky Fousek)

Country of origin:
Height (cm):
Weight (kg):
Life span (years):
dark roan, brown, brown with ticked markings
Hair length:
Recognized by:
FCI, Navhda, DRA
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Good with kids:
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Pros Cons
  • excellent hunter
  • great family companion
  • good health
  • friendly
  • needs a lot of daily exercises
  • poor guardian
  • doesn't suit for living in an apartement

The Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon (Cesky Fousek) is a skilful hunting dog with noble background, which specialises in hunting waterfowl. This breed was developed on the territory of Czech Republic in the Middle Ages. Two World Wars almost put to an end its existence but thanks to its loyal fanciers it survived and nowadays it thrives in its primal role in its homeland and several European countries.

The Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon is a fairly old breed, which had been invented long before any methodical breeding records were universally adopted. First descriptions of a resembling canine date back to the XIV century when it was named the Canis Bohemicus. At that time this dog’s variety was the singular wire-haired hunting breed in Europe so it’s believed that it was the forefather of all modern canines with this type of hair. As a matter of fact until the second part of the XIX century the Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon hadn’t been verified by written sources as a unique breed. It was described in details only in 1883 by Josef Vilém Černý in his six-volume set Huntsmanship-Handbook for Hunters and Hunting Friends (Myslivosť). The original name of the breed was the Cesky Fousek. The word «Fousek» came from «fousy», which is translated as facial whiskers and obviously implies to the dog’s singular appearance.

By the end of the XIX the Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon was acknowledged as a separate breed although heavy inbreeding with other type of hunting dogs was a common occurrence at this time. Despite this fact the breed deserved a wide-spread popularity among hunters in its native country as well as in the neighbouring regions of Austria and Germany. The First World War turned out to be almost fatal for this dog but it was preserved by the efforts of the specially established «Association for the Wirehaired Pointer Cesky Fousek». With all its good intentions this club was incapable of fully restoring the breed to its former number because survived specimens were not enough to launch organised breeding program.

The Second World War interrupted with this process and the Cesky Fousek once again appeared on the verge of extinction. As the result in the post-war years its population became so scarce that its restoration proved to be impossible without infusion of fresh bloods of other similar breeds. In particular it was crossed with the German Short-Haired and Wire-Haired Pointers to re-create a stable foundation stock to breed.

Thanks to such persisting efforts of breed’s fanciers the Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon attained recognition of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 1964. By this time the breed had spread throughout Europe and was prized as a highly capable hunting animal for fowling in water. Nowadays it keeps on thriving in its homeland and in Slovakia, Austria, Germany, France, Holland, the USA and other countries. Actually it takes the second place among the most popular hunting dogs in its native region.


The Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon possesses vivacious, optimistic and joyful temperament, which makes it an excellent companion dog for active families. Its supreme demeanour is the result of careful selective breeding when only best-quality specimens were allowed to pass their genetic material to the next generation. This human-oriented dog attaches extremely tightly to all members of its family to whom it shows endless affection and devotion. It’s quite alright with children and usually eagerly joins their games.

The Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon is also quite agreeable with unfamiliar people although poorly socialised dog can be unreasonably fearful or timid when it meets a stranger. Anyway, timely socialisation is a must if you want to have your dog adapted for the wide variety of situations. It generally suits for the role of a watchdog because of its observant and vigilant nature. However, its overall friendliness is a major obstacle, which prevents it from becoming an effective guard dog.

The Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon has very few issues with other dogs and will welcome an opportunity to co-exist with one or several canine companions on the constant basis. Some specimens can become excessively possessive, which can lead to some confrontation with strange dogs. However these undesirable aggressive tendencies can be easily fixed by timely obedience training. The Cesky Fousek has bad reputation with other species of animals since it’s notable for a well-developed hunting drive. At the same time it won’t pester a household cat (or other pet) with which it has spent its puppyhood.

Health Problems
The most common problems for the breed include:

• alopecia;
• canine hip dysplasia.

The maintenance of the Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon won’t take much of your precious time. Its coat of a medium length should be brushed systematically and thoroughly with a firm bristled brush on a weekly basis. The dog possesses a water-proof coat, which allows it to operate in a wet environment. It should be bathed with mild dog’s shampoo rather infrequently in order to preserve natural oils, which give to its coat its protective quality.

Working specimens require additional care of their large drooping ears as they tend to trap dirt, debris and various particles in them. Their toes should also be inspected for the signs of any splinters or thorns after each hunting trip. The Cesky Fousek is an average shedder.


The training of the Cesky Fousek is a moderately difficult task due to its dutiful and good-natured disposition. It seems to learn commands, which are related to hunting, almost effortlessly. Training should be conducted in a firm but patient style. The breed is apt to independent thinking so it will oblige only to the person whose authority it fully acknowledges.

Essentially there are virtually no limits as to what the Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon can learn if you apply correct motivational techniques. Considering the breeds’ biddable character screaming and harsh attitude should be avoided in the work with this dog. It manifests much more eagerness to please when it’s stimulated with ample tasty treats and praise.

Vigorous physical exercises should become an integral part of the Cesky Fousek’s life. This dog was bred to be a tireless field worker and therefore adapts easily to extremely strenuous physical activity. Be mindful that without a daily opportunity to release its boisterous nature in exercises this breed will most likely pour out its frustration and boredom with destructive, hyper active, nervous or even aggressive behaviour.

The Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon suites poorly for an apartment dweller as he will certainly run ragged trying to satisfy the dogs’ sizeable exercise requirements. This breed does best in the house with a large safely enclosed yard where it can run and play to its heart’s content.