Pedigree dogs: how to make their life ideal?

Породистые собаки: главные требования к качеству жизни

You already bought or just planning to buy your first pedigree dog? You don’t know how to look after your pet, but you want to make its life comfortable and happy? This article gives you simple rules to follow.

First. Attention and love

Your dog must feel connected to you (the owner) and other family members. Among modern breeds it’s almost impossible to find the one that doesn’t need company and attention of a human being. The only difference is the amount of this attention that is individual for every breed. When you choose the dog, read carefully or consult the breeder about its temperament, as some breeds need a constant attention and company of their owner.

Second. Quality of food and health

All dogs need to be fed properly. Besides, it’s very important to give your dog basic care: clean the teeth and ears, check the mouth, do the vaccination according the schedule and dehelmintization (worming). Most of the dogs will never show the pain, won’t complain or «cry». Therefore, it is owners’ responsibility to keep the dog healthy. If your dog has too many health problems share it with other owners or breeders so that they take it into account and may try to eliminate them in future breeding.

Third. Play, play and play!

It’s not a secret that all puppies love to play. But this is not only about fun – playing helps your puppy develop physically and intellectually. Even the grown-up dog will need to play daily and preferably with the owner or with other dog.

Forth. Walk, walk and walk!

Spending time outside is utmost important for every dog no matter of its size or temperament. However, the duration of daily walks depends on the particular breed and weather conditions. If you want your pet to be healthy and happy, go outside as often as possible and give your dog an opportunity to run freely. But remember that you can let the dog off the leash only in a secure area. Mountain and northern breed need much more daily walks than others.

Fifth. Protect your dog

Every dog needs to live in a secure environment. This means no open threat. For this rule must pay special attention the breeders that have large kennels with a lot of dogs. Remember that too many dogs around can be stressful. The daily life of your pet must be peaceful and careless.

Sixth. Let your dog remain a dog

All dogs need a lot of freedom and rest. They don’t live to serve you. If you want your pet to be active and happy, don’t be unreasonably demanding and never make your dog work too much.

Seventh. Life stages of the dog

Life of every dog is divided into stages. You must know and respect specific features of each stage.

Puppies need security and a lot of love – be a «mom» for them. Let your puppy remain a puppy: never ask too much and let it develop according to the natural rules. The main task for a puppy is to play!

As your dog grows up it will need training, exercises and socialization. Young dogs may not respect the veterans and this is totally your concern to control their communication. As your dog grows old it will need more rest and peace.

Eighth. Dogs’ life must be carefree

The dogs’ life must be easy and filled with happiness. Avoid going to veterinarian just «in case something is wrong». Pills and other medicaments give only when it’s really needed. If your dog has serious health or behavioural problems never use it for breeding.

Ninth. Proper environment

Nowadays too many owners don’t think about the environment where they are taking the dog. Breeds like the Husky or the German Shepherd are not for the city dwellers and will feel unhappy in a small apartment. Before buying a certain breed study thoroughly all the information. Some dogs need a cool climate, others require a lot exercises etc.

Last but not least. If you don’t like your dog, find it another home

Sometimes it happens that the dog doesn’t meet its’ owners needs by some reason. In this case, try to find your pet a better home. If you leave the dog you don’t like you make it worse as without love, care and attention it will feel terribly unhappy.

To sum up, if you decided to acquire a pedigree dog, be ready to give it a lot of respect and love and let your dog to be a dog. First of all, it is an animal and not your «slave».


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