Country of origin:
Height (cm):
28 - 30
Weight (kg):
6 - 10
Life span (years):
white, white with patches any colour (except liver), white with blue, white with grey, dark-grey, any-fawn any tint (except orange)
Hair length:
Recognized by:
FCI code:
Good with kids:
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Pros Cons
  • wonderful family companion
  • friendly
  • playful
  • unpretentious
  • requires regular brushing
  • can be aloof with starngers


Odis (from Russian this acronym is deciphered as “Odessa Domestic Ideal Dog”) is a playful, energetic and friendly medium sized breed that looks like the South Russian Shepherd Dog. This dog is the first national breed of Ukraine as it was developed and officially registered on the territory of this country.


The cynologists of Odessa started interbreeding the Maltese, the miniature Poodle and the Wired Fox Terrier in 1980s. The results of these selections were different and not all of them were successful, so only by the end of 1990s breeders were able to create a group of dogs that were alike in terms of their conformation and had common forefathers.

Finally, in 1999 the first set of puppies with desired characteristics was brought into the world. It was produced by the female KROHA LAPUSHKA DIO PRESENT, owner Bahareva I.V., and the male ZIGFRID. In this set of puppies the most perspective dog was thought to be the female FRANSHIKA DIO PRESENT, which became the standard of the breed and the foremother of all following generations of Odis dog breed.

The breeds’ name was derived from the name of the city where it was developed – Odessa. But journalists that were on the presentation of the newly developed breed made their own suggestions and deciphered the dogs’ name as “Odessa Domestic Ideal Dog”. In fact, this stimulated the breeders to develop a better dog during their following work.

The cynologists of Odessa made their best to accumulate in the Odis best characteristics of all breeds that took part in its development: the sharp mind of the Poodle, the beautiful coat of the Maltese, and the joyful temperament of the Fox Terrier.

Initially, the coat of the Odis was coloured, but from the beginning of the 2000s there were developed two types of dogs: white and with patches.

The official standard if the Odis was approved in November 2008 on the presidium of the Ukrainian Kennel Union, and also the print and the issue of the pedigree of the established form was permitted.

In spite the fact that the Odis makes a perfect companion animal, it still remains very a rare breed that is mostly located in Ukraine and some of its members can be met in Russia and Moldova.


Odis is an unpretentious and friendly breed with a stable nervous system. It is important to mention that this dog is friendly both to humans and animals. This breed will become an ideal pet for families with children for which it will be a great playmate.

However, as with any other breed, the Odis needs a proper socialization as it can be somewhat aloof with strangers. These dogs are great in doing a guarding job and are alert enough to make good watchdogs.

With other dogs the Odis is normally friendly so it can be kept in the same household with its counterparts. But remember that if provoked this dog will defend itself. In case of a timely socialization the breed members can also live peacefully with a cat of another animal.

Health Problems

The Odis has a very strong immune system, is not susceptible to infections and is not allergic. During the hole period of the breeding of this dog there was no registered cases of inborn defects or pathologies.


The Odis requires average amount of grooming. It long coat doesn’t need a special care, and bathing can be done only when the dog becomes dirty. Brush your dog once a week.

The male breed members shed twice a year (females more often), but regular brushing will reduce the amount of dogs’ hair in your house to minimum. The rest are standard grooming procedures: regular ear and teeth brush and nail clipping.


Training of the Odis is a real pleasure. This smart dog is always ready to please its master, but the training should start as early as possible. One of the characteristics of this breed, which specialists are always improving, is its talent in sport training.


The Odis is a sturdy and sportive breed that loves long walks in the nature, but if you are a city dweller its exercise won’t take much of your time. Long daily walks are not a must, but if you want your pet to be happy and fully satisfied with its life, provide it with a continuous walk at least once a day.