Little Lion Dog (Löwchen, Petit Chien Lion)

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  • forms strong bonds with its master
  • intelligent
  • cheerful
  • coat must be trimmed regularly
  • loves to be in dominant position


The Little Lion Dog only looks like a lion. It is not the King Lion, but still it can be the King Dog. Unlike this predator, the Little Lion Dog doesn’t roar, but comports in a proper manner, due to its aristocratic roots.

The similarity of this breed with a lion is not based only on appearance characteristics. The Little Lion Dog, though its size is little, has a brave heart.


The Little Lion Dog appeared more than 400 years ago in Europe, in Germany, to be exact. Its original German name Löwchen sounds more like Lurvkhen, which means little lion. The breed is also called the Petit Chien Lion.

The most common theory states this breed to be closely related to the Mediterranean Bichon-type dogs, though this opinion is usually disproved by many other scientists in favor of poodles.

The Little Lion Dog, since early medieval times, was a pampered pet of aristocracy. Its coat was always trimmed, making these dogs look like lions. By the way, a lion was considered to be a symbol of strength and power, which, as Little Lion Dogs’ owners believed, transferred onto them.

The American Kennel Club’s (AKC) recognition of the breed falls on the 1996. Not much changed since the past, to say nothing about the lion-trimming. The only thing is that nowadays Little Lion Dogs aren’t only aristocracy’s amusement. Many people keep the breed as a life companion, and this is no accident. These little, delicate dogs from the outside are big, courageous ones from the inside.


The Löwchen is a friendly, gentle and playful breed. Nevertheless, this breed is also fearless, tough and strong-willed. It’s a good watchdog, because of its alertness, but it isn’t suitable for guarding your home, because of its desire to attract attention of strangers.

Such dogs are very affectionate towards their families. But they are not recommended to be left alone for a long time. That’s why a life in a family of retired people, or those, who are always at home is better for this breed.

Never being aggressive, Little Lion Dogs get on with new people, as well as with children. They usually do well with other animals and pets, as long as they feel themselves on the top. Indeed, this breed would be on a par with a lion, when it was bigger!

Health Problems

The most common problems for the breed include:

· cataracts;

· patellar luxation.


The Little Lion Dog requires a considerable amount of grooming procedures. The lion-cut coat is quite difficult to care, therefore many handlers prefer their pets having a puppy-cut. However, your dog will need brushing every other day.

Bathe your little friend when needed. Weekly ear cleaning, teeth brushing and nail clipping once a month are on the list as well.


The Little Lion Dog belongs to smart breeds, every training catching on really quickly. Each lesson should be at the same time firm and gentle, based on positive reinforcement methods.

Alike training a lion, you must be confident and consistent with you dog. Show your pet that it’s not the biggest dog in the house. If you don’t want your Little Lion to be wilful, too barky or harsh, pay attention to the socialization from the very start.


The Little Lion Dog asks for little amount of exercising. So if you tend to be a coach potato, don’t like to sweat or you’re 90 years old, the Löwchen is definitely for you.

Walking or jogging in a park or somewhere else is all this breed needs. A dog of this breed will also like agile games. It’s high time to get up and tame your lion!