Republican Dog Show «Kubok Akana - 2015»

Show date: from 21 february 2015 to 21 january 2015
Regestration deadline: 31 January 2015
Place: Ukraine, Kiev
Club: Golosovsky RO KSU «Chance»
Rank: CAC
Tel: (044) 257-71-58 (59) , (044) 501-67-53
Entry form, information:

Entry Fees:
50 Eur up to 31.01.2015.

The application form to send a photocopy of the receipt on payment and a family tree to e-mail

Bank details:
GUO GRO VGO «CHANCE» ZKPO 26314724 R/R code of 26007004608001 IFI of 380634 PUAT "CB Akordbank. Purpose of payment: a target voluntary contribution to participation in an dog show, with the indication of breed and a nickname.

Judges List:
  1. Jos De Cuyper (Belgium)
  2. Monique Van Brempt (Belgium)
  3. Leos Jancik (Czech Republic)
  4. Boris Spoliaric (Croatia - Austria)
  5. Piskay Vladimir (Slovakia)
  6. Claudio De Giuliani (Italy)

Venue: Kiev Avenue of the Victory, 40-B the metro station «Shulyavskaya», Park of A.S. Pushkin


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