Republican Dog Show «Perlyna Volyni-2015»

Show date: 14 march 2015
Regestration deadline: 31 January 2015 / 01 March 2015 / 05 March 2015
Place: Ukraine, Lutsk
Club: Volinskiy OO KSU «Marshal»
Rank: CAC
Tel: +38(050) 920 1855, +38(050) 337 9713, +38(097) 582 0242
Entry form, information:

Entry Fees:
  • for foreign citizens, and also not members of KSU during all term of registration of 30 € (adult dogs), 20 € (the baby, puppies).
  • the collective demand (from 10 dogs, 3 dogs of one owner) is accepted after the preliminary arrangement with organizers of show by one list and with the receipt on payment: the cost of a contribution is over one dog of 250 € till 31.01.2015, 300 € from 01.02.2015 till 01.03.2015.
Registration is carried out in two ways:
  1. according to the link registration online.
  2. to send by e-mail the application form, photocopies of the receipt on payment and a family tree.
Bank details: payment of an show on the Privatbank card 5168 7420 6833 4048. 
Purpose of payment: voluntary payment for participation in an dog show First name, middle initial, last name owner of a dog.

  1. Bug Anatoly Ivanovich;
  2. Borisova Elena Aleksandrovna.

Venue: Lutsk, Karbyshev St., 1


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