Champion show «Champion of Champions»

Show date: 23 february 2014
Regestration deadline: 31 January 2014
Place: Poland, Leszno
Club: Polish Kennel Club (Leszno branch)
Tel: 8 (10) 48 65 520 30 21, 8 (10) 48 65 529 59 92

Dogs allowed to entry: Junior Champion, Champion, International Champion. Only dogs entered and paid until 31.01.2014 will be included in the catalogue. Delayed entries or without Champion title diploma attached won't be accepted. The organizer reserves the right to deny admittance of any dog without giving reason. The entries accepted before 31.01.2014 can't be withdrawn.
The dog entered to the show is subject to payment regardless his participation in the show.
At the show, there will be selected 32 finalists. 4 from two the most numerous groups, and 3 from the rest of groups. They will be judged by 3 independent judges.

ONLINE ENTRY FORM on Champion show

Entry fee:

Untill 31.01.2014after 1.02.2014
40 EUR (for every dog)50 EUR (for every dog)

Bank account:
SWIFT PKO PPLPW PL 66 1240 1499 1978 0000 1881 9027
Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce
Oddział w Lesznie
skrytka pocztowa 65
ul Średnia 9, 64-100 Leszno
In the title of bank transfer, please indicate what dog (dogs) a payment concerns

Judges of the Champion show «Champion of Champions»

FCI I - Janusz Opara, Petr Rehanek
FCI II - Jarosław Grunt, Aleksander Skrzyński, Petr Rehanek, Janusz Opara
FCI III - Dorota Witkowska, Jarosław Grunt
FCI IV - Andrzej Mania
FCI V - Krystyna Opara, Zdenka Jilkova
FCI VI - Petr Rehanek
FCI VII - Aleksnder Skrzyński
FCI VIII - Viva Maria Soleckyj Szpunar, Zdenka Jilkova
FCI IX - Krystyna Opara, Zdenka Jilkova, Viva Maria Soleckyj Szpunar
FCI X - Dorota Witkowska


FCI I - Krystyna Opara
FCI II - Petr Rehanek
FCI III - Jarosław Grunt
FCI IV - Aleksander Skrzyński
FCI V - Viva Maria Soleckyj Szpunar
FCI VI - Andrzej Mania
FCI VII - Krystyna Opara
FCI VIII - Dorota Witkowska
FCI IX - Zdenka Jilkova
FCI X - Janusz Opara

Leszno Grand Prix: 
Aleksander Skrzyński

Best in Show:
Dorota Witkowska
Zdenka Jilkova
Petr Rehanek 


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