Republican Dog Show Minsk

Show date: 8 march 2015
Regestration deadline: 02 March 2015
Place: Belarus, Minsk
Club: BROLZh «Sirius» together withs «Sodruzhestvo»
Rank: CAC, Club.Ch
Tel: +375 29 333 07 23, +375 29 853 58 11
Entry form, information:

The application form to send a photocopy of the receipt on payment and a family tree to e-mail.

Judges List:
  • club «Sirius»: 
  1. Republican dog show of retrievers and spaniels - B. Petkevich (Latvia).
  2. Republican dog show of Yorkshire terriers - K. Butrimova (Lithuania).
  3. Republican dog show of terriers - K. Gorzhak (Czech Republic), L. Lyashova (Ukraine).
  4. Republican all-breeds dog show  - K. Gorzhak (Czech Republic), B. Petkevich (Latvia), A. Zhuk (Belarus), L. Lyashova (Ukraine).
  • club «Sodruzhestvo»:
  1. Republican dog show a Siberian Huskies - L. Zack (Latvia).
  2. Republican all-breeds dog show - L. Zack (Latvia), K. Butrimova (Lithuania).

Venue: Minsk, Masherova St. of 23 CK «Dynamo»


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